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Category:1st AIF

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AIF Battalion East Finder

 This page exists only to act as an easy finder index to the Battalions of the 1st AIF. Click the Links

Much of the information in this section was researched by Ross Mallett (ADFA)

  • Battalions on a grey background were disbanded in 1918 in France.

First Division AIF

1st Battalion

1st Brigade

2nd Battalion
3rd Battalion
4th Battalion
5th Battalion
2nd  Brigade
6th Battalion
7th Battalion
8th Battalion
9th Battalion

3rd Brigade  


10th Battalion
11th Battalion
12th Battalion

Second Division AIF

17th Battalion

5th Brigade

18th Battalion
19th Battalion
20th Battalion
21st Battalion

6th Brigade

22nd Battalion
23rd Battalion


25th Battalion

7th Brigade

26th Battalion
27th Battalion
28th Battalion

Third Division AIF

33rd  Battalion

9th Brigade

34th  Battalion
35th  Battalion
36th  Battalion
37th  Battalion

10th Brigade

38th  Battalion
39th  Battalion


41st  Battalion

11th Brigade

42nd  Battalion
43rd  Battalion
44th  Battalion

Fourth Division AIF

13th Battalion

4th Brigade

14th  Battalion
15th  Battalion
16th  Battalion
45th  Battalion

12th Brigade

46th  Battalion
47th  Battalion


49th  Battalion

13th Brigade

50th  Battalion
51st  Battalion
52nd  Battalion

Fifth Division AIF

29th Battalion

8th Brigade

30th Battalion
31st Battalion
32nd Battalion
53rd Battalion

14th Brigade

54th Battalion
55th Battalion
56th Battalion
57th Battalion

15th Brigade

58th Battalion
59th Battalion
60th Battalion

Sixth Division (first) AIF

61st Battalion

16th Brigade

This Division never fully formed and never saw action. Because it did not ever fully form, when the 2nd AIF was formed for WW2 the numbering of Divisions started with 6th.

62nd Battalion
63rd Battalion
69th Battalion
65th Battalion

17th Brigade

66th Battalion
67th Battalion
70th Battalion

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