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8th Infantry Brigade (All States) [Fifth Division]
Formed June 1915 . Assigned to Fifth Division February 1916.

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  • 29th Infantry Battalion June 1915 to 12 October 1918
  • 30th Infantry Battalion June 1915 to past November 1918
  • 31st Infantry Battalion June 1915 to past November 1918
  • 32nd Infantry Battalion June 1915 to past November 1918
  • 8th Machine Gun Company 12 March 1916 to 2 March 1918
  • 8th Light Trench Mortar Battery July 1916 to past November 1918 



Egypt, Sinai: Defence of Suez Canal, Western Front: Fromelles, Retreat to the Hindenburg Line, Bullecourt, Messines, Menin Road, Polygon Wood, Passchendaele, Amiens, Albert, Hindenburg Line

by Ross Mallett (ADFA)

"On March 21st (1918) further amalgamation was brought about, the remnants of the brigade being formed into a composite unit, known as the 8th Brigade Battalion, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Street. The composition of its companies was set out hereunder, each one retaining its original distinctive colour patches:-

"A" Company, 29th Battalion, O.C., Capt. C.E. Davis, DSO.MC
"B" Company, 30th Battalion, O.C., Capt. T.C. Barbour
"C" Company, 31st Battalion, O.C., Capt. V.L. Morrisett
"D" Company, 32nd Battalion, O.C., Capt.J.H. Allen, MC

On April 3rd the composite battalion moved to the Marcinelle-Haies area, in the neighbourhood of Charleroi, where its size gradually dwindled as further batches of men left for home."

From 'Purple and Gold' pg 231 This confirmed for 31st Battalion in War Diary.

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