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11th Infantry Brigade

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Note that the original Saxe blue oval shoulder patch is still part of the 11 Bde badge.


  • 11th Brigade was formed in Queensland in 1916 from the 41st Battalion (QLD), 42nd Battalion (QLD), 43rd Battalion (SA), 44th Battalion (WA), 11 Field Ambulance (SA), 25th Company Service Corps (SA), 11th Machine Gun Company and with 11th Trench Mortar Company joining later. The Brigade first paraded on ANZAC Day in 1916 Commanded by Brigadier C.D.W. Rankin, VD.

  • On 17 May 1916 Brigade embarkation began for Britain, concentrating at Larkhill, Wiltshire by 27 July 1916. On 22 November that year the Brigade, as part of 3rd Division, embarked for France after the Somme Offensive. They fought in the Battle of Messines under the command of Brigadier General J.H. Cannan, CB, CMG, DSO, VD. Included in the WWI battle honours were: Third Battle of Ypres, Broodseinde, Passchendaele, Morlancourt, Villers-Bretonneux, Hamel, Mericourt, Suzanne, the capture of Mont St Quentin and Peronne and the Hindenberg Line.

  • In December 1941 the Brigade reformed under Brigadier F.R. North CB, MC, ED and comprised of 26th Battalion, 31st Battalion and 51st Battalion. In the ensuing period 42nd Battalion transferred to 29 Brigade, the 11th Brigade moved to Cairns and 31st Battalion and 51st Battalion linked as the 31st/51st Battalion. In July 1943 the Brigade embarked for Merauke, Dutch New Guinea, Commanded by Brigadier J.R. Stevenson CBE, DSO, ED. The Brigade returned to Strathpine in April 1944 for retraining and was reinforced by 53rd/55th Battalion. In January 1945 they sailed for Bougainville under 3rd Division where 31st/51st Battalion fought the Battle of Porton Plantation on 8 June 1945.

  • The Brigade paraded for the last time on 21 May 1960 under the command of Colonel I.M. Hunter, CVO, MBE. The post war period saw many changes to units and formation with HQ 11th Task Force being established in January 1972 under Colonel J.M. Church, DSO and changing again in November 1977 to 11th Field Force Group then under Colonel N.S. Harris, ED. The 11th Brigade was re-raised in Townsville on 5 September 1987, under command of Brigadier G.L. Mansford, AM.

  • 42nd Battalion Royal Queensland Regiment is back as part of 11th Brigade.

11th Infantry Brigade (Outer States) [Third Division]

Formed in Australia March 1916 and assigned to Third Division.

  • Subunits:
    • 41st Infantry Battalion March 1916 to past November 1918
    • 42nd Infantry Battalion March 1916 to 31 October 1918
    • 43rd Infantry Battalion March 1916 to past November 1918
    • 44th Infantry Battalion March 1916 to past November 1918
    • 11th Machine Gun Company July 1916 to February 1918
    • 11th Light Trench Mortar Battery July 1916 to past November 1918
  • Commanders:
  • Campaigns:
    • Messines, 
    • Broodseinde, 
    • Passchendaele, Third Battle of Ypres
    • Amiens, 
    • Mont St Quentin, 
    • Hindenburg Line
    • Morlancourt, 
    • Villers-Bretonneux, 
    • Hamel, 
    • Mericourt, 
    • Suzanne,  
    • Peronne 


by Ross Mallett (ADFA)

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