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I found it necessary to create a Sub-units category for the various Light Horse, Horse, Mounted Infantry and Lancer units that  have been around.

More so than other units they tend to change names or amalgamate and then split or reform.

Keeping track of them is not easy.

Trying to link them to a particular WW1 Division is next to impossible

here they are, listed separately.

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The page with this name  refers to these Units.  QUIK-INDEX
1 Aust Horse
  • 3rd Australian Light Horse, 
  • New South Wales Mounted Rifles, 
  • 11th Australian Light Horse
1 Aust Horse (2)
  • Australian Horse, 1898-1921
  • Australian Horse, 1921-43
  • 7th/21st Australian Horse
1 Aust Horse (3)
  • Sydney Light Horse, 
  • 1st Light Horse Regiment AIF, 
2/14 QMI
  • Queensland Light Horse; 
  • Moreton Mounted Infantry; 
  • Queensland Mounted Infantry; 
  • 13th Australian Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry); 
  • 14th Australian Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry); 
  • 15th Australian Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry); 
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 27th Light Horse Regts (QMI); 
  • 1st ANZAC Battalion of the Imperial Camel Corps; 
  • 14th  Australian Light Horse Regiment; 
  • 5th, 11th and 14th Light Horse Regiments (QMI); 
  • 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (QMI); 
  • 14th Light Horse (MG) Regiment; 
  • 14th Motor Regiment; 
  • 2nd/4th Armoured Regiment; 
  • 2nd Moreton Light Horse (QMI); 
  • 2nd Australian Cavalry Regiment (AIF); 
  • B Squadron 1st Cavalry Regiment; 
  • 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry)
3/9 SAMR
  • Adelaide Mounted Rifle Corps, 
  • Adelaide Lancers (?)
  • Bushman's Contingent, 
  • 16th Light Horse Regiment, 
  • 17th Light Horse Regiment, 
  • 3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment AIF, 
  • 9th Australian Light Horse Regiment AIF, 
  • 18th Australian Light Horse Regiment, 
  • 22nd Australian Light Horse Regiment, 
  • 24th Australian Light Horse Regiment , 
  • 3rd/9th South Australian Mounted Rifles (RAAC)
  • 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles (5 VMR)
4/19 PoW LH
  • Royal Volunteer Cavalry Regiment, 
  • 17th Light Horse, 
  • 17th Prince of Wales Light Horse, 
  • 19th Yarrowee Light Horse, 
  • 20th Corangamite Light Horse, 
  • 4th Corangamite Light Horse, 
  • 4th Light Horse AIF, 
  • 2nd/4th Armoured Regiment.
  • 2/6th Armoured Regiment, Royal NSW Regiment
8/13 VMR
  • Victorian Mounted Rifles; 
  • 8th Light Horse Regiment; 
  • 13th Light Horse Regiment; 
  • 20th Light Horse Regiment; 
  • 8th (Indi) Light Horse; 
  • 13th (Gippsland) Light Horse; 
  • 20th (Victorian Mounted Rifles) Light Horse; 
  • 8th Cavalry Regiment (AIF);
  • 13th Armoured Regiment; 
  • 20th Motor Regiment (AIF); 
  • 2/8th Armoured Regiment (AIF); 
  • 41st, 42nd  and 43rd Aust Landing Craft Companies ; 
  • VMR Sqn, 4th/19th Prince of Wales Light Horse
  • Western Australian Mounted Infantry (WAMI), 
  • Militia Light Horse Regiment, 
  • 18th Australian Light Horse (WAMI), 
  • 25th Australian Light Horse (WAMI), 
  • 10th Australian Light Horse Regiment AIF, 
  • 10th Reconnaissance Battalion (WAMI), 
  • 10th Australian Light Horse Regiment (2nd AIF), 
  • 10th Western Australian Mounted Infantry, 
  • A Squadron 10th Light Horse Regiment
12/16 HRL
  • Hunter River Light Horse, 
  • New South Wales Lancers, 
  • 16th Light Horse (Hunter River Lancers), 
  • 12th Light Horse (New England Light Horse), 
  • 24th (Gwydir) Light Horse, 
  • 12th/24th Light Horse, 
  • 12/16 Hunter River Lancers, 
  • 4th Light Horse Regiment, 
  • 12th Australian Light Horse Regiment AIF, 
  • 16th Australian Light Horse Regiment AIF.
  • The 21st was originally 28th (Illawarra) Light Horse  formed of -
    • Berry-Robertson Squadron - Shellharbour - 
      • formerly attached NSW Lancers
    • Ulladulla Squadron- 
      • formerly attached NSW Lancers
    • Canterbury Squadron- 
      • formerly attached NSW Mounted Rifles

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