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This page includes some details of the 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles (5 VMR)

Lieutenant (Lt) Leslie C. Maygar VC DSO. 

Lt Maygar was the first Victorian to be awarded the Victoria Cross. 

He won his VC at Geelhoutboom in South Africa on 1901-11-23 serving with the 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order in Oct 1917 whilst commanding the 8th Light Horse Regiment. 

Lt Colonel Maygar was killed in action during the battle of Beersheba on 1917-10-31. This portrait was taken after 1903 and before 1914 as Lt Maygar is wearing the 1903 Commonwealth pattern full dress uniform. 

The 'rampant' horse badge of the 8th Light Horse Regiment (a militia badge pre 1903), the colour patch of the 8th Light Horse Regiment first AIF (on the left sleeve) and the ribbon of the DSO have been added to the portrait by the artist. 


Private George William Stratton, eldest son of Eliza Cook and Walter Thomas Stratton, who was killed at Wilmansrust, South Africa, 1901-06-12, aged 19 years. Stratton was a member of the 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles contingent to the Boer War. (donor's uncle).
Private Charles Edwin Williams had joined the Victorian Mounted Rifles (E Coy) in 1895, and was among the first in his district to join the First Victorian Contingent in 1899. He was killed at Rensburg on 12 February 1900. His sacrifice is commemorated on a memorial in Violet Town, Victoria. He is pictured in the uniform of the Victorian Mounted Rifle Regiment.


Some of these images from Defending Victoria
John Victor O'Farrell.5 VMR. He earned
a QSA medal (shown here) and
KSA, with clasps for Transvaal,
Orange Free State & Cape Colony.
Photo provided by his proud grand
niece Lynette Prislan
MELBOURNE, VIC. 1900. Portrait of 1172 Private William Thomas Dartnall, aged 15 years, of the 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles contingent to the Boer War in South Africa. He later served in World War One as Wilbur Taylor Dartnell, was killed in East Africa in 1915 and was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. (Photographer: Roland Bishop and Co., Melbourne)
Privates Percy Dargie (seated)
and John Edge of 5VMR at
Vryheid in 1901. Photo provided
by Dargie's proud grand-daughter-
in-law Brenda Dargie.

The 5th Australian Light Horse Regiment crossing the pontoon bridge at the Ghoraniye Bridgehead.

Brigadier-General Lachlan Chisolm Wilson.
Commanded the 5th Light Horse Regiment from the death at Gallipoli of Lieutenant-Colonel H.J.I. Harris, on 31st July 1915, until October 1917.

from a site that lists every soldier who served in the 5th ALHR



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