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  • An officer of the New South Wales Lancers wearing the black cock's plume (feather) that was required of the NSW Units. 
  • Queensland Units wore Emu feathers. 
  • Note the Lance Sergeant in the back ground.

The New South Wales Mounted Rifles

Although not as well known as the Royal NSW Lancers the NSW Mounted Rifles did fine work in South Africa.

New South Wales Mounted Rifles in full ceremonial rig.

A stylized artist's impression of troopers of the ALH in WW1

Boer War: Australian Light Horse- Parade for Inspection by Lord Kitchener

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  • This is a famous image of the Light Horse, resting. The AWM caption reads, "Members of the 1st Light Horse Brigade taking a rest on the sand on the Philistine Plain. The man at far left smoking a pipe is probably 2462 Private Rupert Franklin Gore Gallaway 2nd Light Horse Regiment."


  • If you click the image to enlarge it you will find that several of the men pictured are wearing the NZ "Onward" badge and that at least 1 is wearing a "lemon squeezer" Kiwi slouch hat.
The Army Remount Service was a British Unit, not Australian. 

However the mounted sections of the Australian and New Zealand armies had quite a bit to do with it. 

It spread from India all through the Middle East and was also active in France.

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