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Category: Badges

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History of the Badges of the Australian Army (1903 to 1966)

After 1911 the use of Regimental badges was discontinued. For a while brass numerals worn on the front of the slouch hat was the method used to indicate units. Numerals were 1 to 92. See right. Regimental badges, if approved, could still be (and were) worn but were not to be supplied at public expense.
Note. Numerals, along with shoulder titles indicating Branch of Service (BoS), (see left) made a brief reappearance in the very early part of WW1 before colour patches were accepted as the more appropriate way to distinguish  the different Units. These numerals & BoS insignia were worn on the epaulette (shoulder strap) above the AUSTRALIA title. See below left and centre. These were separately manufactured pieces and are not to be confused with the later (between wars) style where the numeral and the shoulder title were one piece. See below right

1st Infantry Battalion AIF 4th Australian Light Horse AIF 6th Australian Light Horse (New England Light horse)
This image of a young 10th Australian Infantry Battalion AIF soldier (circa 1915) shows the uniform as it was then worn with the numerals, the title "INF" and the curved AUSTRALIA all worn on the shoulder strap (epaulette).

It also shows the ORs version of the peaked cap (Service cap) that was popular with the troops until after Gallipoli.

<< The first badge ( wrongly called "Rising Sun") approved for use by an Australian Army unit  was approved on 7 February 1902.  It was created for use in South Africa by the Australian Commonwealth Horse. There was another, later version for the same unit.

It later evolved into the famous "Rising Sun" General Service badge of the AIF. There have been 7 versions. See the page RISING SUN.

This section draws heavily on research by Alfred N Festberg as presented in his book Australian Army Insignia 1903-1966. He concentrated only on units in the 1966 Order of Battle.


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Field Marshals, General Officers, Brigadiers and Colonels  Click to return to top of page

Field Marshal

  • The only Field Marshal currently on the Army List is HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh so the crossed batons badge of the Field Marshal is rarely seen in Australia.

General Officer's hat badge. Queens Crown (St Edward's Crown) version also available

Badges as worn by Brigadiers & Colonels Queens Crown (St Edward's Crown) version also available

The Australian Staff Corps  Click to return to top of page

  • Introduced in 1904. Worn by HQ Staff and later the Administrative & Instructional Staff till 1921. The scroll is sterling silver.
  • Worn by Staff Corps Officers between 1921 & 1930. The words "Staff Corps" are on a blue enameled label. See a facing pair of collar dogs below.

<< This badge was introduced in 1930. For a short time it was worn with red enamel between the arches of the crown. Afterwards it was bronze until 1941.

The Corps of Staff Cadets  (Royal Military College) Click to return to top of page

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Worn 1912 (approx) to 1950. From 1939 to 1948 it was bronze

1950 to 1955 (Tudor Crown)

St Edward's Crown replaced the Tudor Crown in 1955

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