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History of the Badges of the Australian Army (1903 to 1966)

This section draws heavily on research by Alfred N Festberg as presented in his book Australian Army Insignia 1903-1966. He concentrated only on units in the 1966 Order of Battle.

Royal Australian Corps of Signals 


1925-1931. Blue enamel oval for Officers

1931-1939 in gilding metal. 1939-1941 in black oxidized copper. Blue enamel oval for Officers

Approved in 1950 but never officially manufactured with the Tudor Crown

Introduced in 1955 with St Edward's Crown

Royal Australian Infantry Corps

Introduced 1949 Approved in 1949. Manufactured ??

 St Edward's Crown version 1955

Royal Australian Regiment 


1954 version of "Skippy"

1949 version with Tudor (King's) Crown RAR left collar badge

Special Air Service Regiment

  • The Australian Special Air Service Squadrons (before SAS became a Regiment in it's own right) wore the General Service badge (Rising Sun) and later the "Skippy" badge of the RAR.


  • In 1966 the approval was given to adopt the famous "Winged Dagger" of the British SAS.

Australian Army Air Corps; Australian Army Aviation Corps

This badge, with the inscription "Australian Army Air Corps" was approved by Garter Principal King of Arms in his capacity as Inspector of Regimental Colours (and Badges) on 10 October, 1963. The Regiment, however, may use this insignia only on their aircraft. The inscription used was firstly "No. 16 Army Light Aircraft Squadron" and lately "1 Div. Army Aviation Regiment". The badge is in gold and the eagle in silver.

Australian Army Aviation Corps On 1 December 1960, 16 Army Light Aircraft Squadron was formed at RAAF Amberley from the disbanded 16 Air OP Flight and 1 Army Aviation Company. Command of the Squadron passed to the Army when Lt Col William Slocombe took over as CO on 18 December 1964. During his tenure the Squadron became 1 Aviation Regiment on 26 April 1966. preparations were well in hand to form the Australian Army Aviation Corps. This was done on 1 July 1968.

<< Unofficial 5th Aviation Regiment. Not worn as a hat badge.


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