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Category: WW1/Light Horse

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Australian Light Horse Brigades.

Called "Light Horse" to distinguish it from the "Heavy Horse" that was still in favour in some circles of the British Army. Light horse was traditionally cavalry made up of smaller men on smaller, lighter horses and they were used as scouts, skirmishers, cut and run, fast and furious, dashing glamour units.

They were called various names, Lancers (armed with lances and sabres), Hussars (swords) and Dragoons (short muskets called Dragons, hence their name).

Actually the Australian Light Horse was not cavalry but Mounted Infantry. Their job was not to fight on horseback. It was to ride to the fight, dismount and fight as infantry. The famous Charge at Beersheba was an anomaly bought on by circumstances. Until 1918 they did not carry sabres or swords but were armed as Infantry with the Lee Enfield .303 rifle and bayonets. Regardless of the details, they rode into a glorious part of our history.

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This is a re-enactment group in the uniforms of the Australian Light Horse of WW1

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