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Category: Light Horse/Brigades

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1st Light Horse Brigade [Anzac Mounted Division]

Formed Australia August 1914. Attached to New Zealand and Australian Division December 1914 to April 1915 and May 1915 to February 1916. Assigned to Anzac Mounted Division March 1916.



Sub Units

Romani. 1916-06-01. Tent lines of the 1st Australian light horse (1alh) brigade during bombing of their camp. The explosion is that of the first bomb dropped on the Australian light horse in the Palestine campaign. It was one of eight released from a Taube soon after daybreak and fell in that portion occupied by B Squadron of the 3rd Regiment, killing eight men and wounding twenty-two. Fortunately other bombs missed the mark. In addition to the casualties amongst the men, thirty-six horses were killed, nine wounded, and 123 missing. (donor F H Smith)



  • Egypt:  
    • Defence of Egypt, 
    • Western Desert, 
  • Gallipoli: 
    • Defence of Anzac, 
    • Withdrawal from Anzac, 
  • Sinai:  
    • Romani, 
    • Sinai, 
    • Magdhaba, 
    • Rafah, 
  • Palestine: 
    • First Battle of Gaza, 
    • Second Battle of Gaza, 
    • Third Battle of Gaza, 
    • Beersheba, 
    • Jerusalem, 
    • Jericho, 
    • Es Salt, 
    • Megiddo, 
    • Amman

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