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In the Army the day to day workings of a Unit are controlled by a set of instructions called 'Routine Orders' or RO's. Every soldier is made aware of them and they form the basis of a controlled and orderly lifestyle that every one can understand and obey and profit from. These are definitely NOT orders but perhaps you may gain some small profit from the suggestions.........

It is not my job or desire to tell you how to run your world, your life or your computer; get the best out of this site here is what I suggest.

  • First, hit your F11 button. You will go to 'FULL screen' effect and be able to see more. Hit it again and you return to 'normal screen'. If it does no good it can do no harm. It works with most browsers.
  • This site was written to appear best in Internet Explorer Version 6. Anything from Version 3 onwards should be OK. Netscape Navigator and Opera will do OK but some of the effects may be missing and some annoying little traits may appear.
  • If you are using ANY browser under Version 5 you really owe it to yourself to UPGRADE. It's free. When you upgrade to Version 6 of Internet Explorer you automatically get Version 6 of Outlook Express. Both are improvements on earlier versions.
  • I suggest 800 x 600 High Colour as the best option for viewing this site (and others). You can swap from one to the other of the options with a couple of clicks. No change needs to be permanent.
  • Most of the photos on this site have been set as 'thumbnails' and the full versions are all super compressed jpeg files to speed loading with minimal loss of clarity. If it's slow it MIGHT be the photo but then again it might be that the web is busy or your modem may be under the 28.8 rating recommended as minimum. Be patient, all will arrive. But also be aware that this site is deliberately crammed with photos. 
  • This site was written using Microsoft FrontPage 2000, Photostudio 2000, Word and LuraWave Smart Compress 3. 
  • Last, but not least, thank the Good Lord you aren't in this picture...

A group of Diggers in a trench in France. Fully armed and ready to go.

Imagine what living this way was like; and then imagine what happened when it rained.



I welcome comment and contributions of suggestions, photos, maps and any other item that is relevant. Here are a few guidelines on how we can all help improve the store of easily accessible information . . .
  • If you believe I am in error about a particular item please tell me. I really do welcome constructive criticism and I want the site to be historically correct.
  • If you want to make foul mouthed or abusive comment please go down to the zoo and talk to the baboons
  • If you don't like the layout or the colour scheme or the type size can I offer the advice that was commonly given in my Battalion, 1RAR. It was 'Go and see the Padre, that is NOT a medical problem'
  • If you believe that I have misrepresented some unit or Service or service person, either, back your claim with some sort of supporting argument or I am likely to say 'How sad, too bad, never mind, move on'
  • If you think you have Copyright problems with my site go to the Legal page.
  • If you believe I have left something out, say so and I will include it (probably)


  • PHOTOS. I love to get photos from contributors and I will use them if possible. 
    • It is best if you can scan them and email them to me. 
      • Please consult me first for helpful hints on how we can work together to get the best possible results
    • If you cannot send electronically post COPIES of your precious stuff
    • If you send anything that you want back enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope and write your name on the back of the photos
  • MAPS. Treat the same as photos
  • DOCUMENTS. Treat as photos.
  • TEXT. Please do not send anything that is going to get me into Copyright trouble. If you have something that is still subject to Copyright, let me know so that I can organize approval to use or assess my own risk.
  • If you want me to link your site, put a link to mine on yours and then advise me. I will reciprocate.
  • With anything you send for me to use let me know whether you want to be acknowledged as the contributor

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