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  • It is my hope and desire to stay out of Her Majesty's Courts of Law. 
    • So here is the legal situation as I see it.

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  • OWNERSHIP. This is NOT an official site of the Australian Government, The Dept of Defence, The Australian Army or any other official body.


  • SUITABILITY. As far as is possible with a site that deals with that horror we call war this site is suitable for children. Questionable language is used but very sparingly and only in context. 

    • There is no attempt to glorify the war or the killing. It is a site that records history as it happened. These men did these things and had these things done to them. Their service is to be honoured..

  • SPAM. While I have anything to do with this site it will not be used as a vehicle for Spam or unwanted emails of any sort. I run the most up to date protection available against virus attack and email address theft. I do not sell, trade, loan, swap or deal in any way in email address information. On the very odd occasion that I send out some sort of update or news bulletin about the  site it will be short, advertising free and sent to  "Undisclosed Recipients" to protect the email address of any person who has communicated with me. (See Your Choice, below) 
    • The tactic of forging return addresses, making an uninvolved third party appear to be the sender of junk e-mail, is a common one. Such practices prompted several online services, including CompuServe and Prodigy, to get American Federal courts to help them bar junk e-mailers from their services. Digger History has been used in the past as a "fake" sender. I have received Spam sent to Digger History supposedly from Digger History.
  • YOUR CHOICE. If you freely place your details on the Guest-book page then you are responsible for any repercussions. It is a PUBLIC forum.
  • TRUTH. I believe that the material used on this site is true and correct. If you disagree say so. I will investigate your concern. I can accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for any decision that you might make if you rely on anything on this site.
  • COPYRIGHT. I do not claim to have written much of what is here. Most of it is reproduced and I believe that I have stayed within the bounds of the Copyright laws as I understand them and the laws of decency as I know them.
    • Note. Some of the material on this site is subject to Australian Federal Government (Crown) Copyright. That includes but is not limited to any badge, in particular the Rising Sun Badge. I use the images with limited and conditional approval. I STRONGLY suggest that before you copy and use any image you seek approval. Contact me for details if you are unsure.
    • Crown Copyright also extends to most photos of military uniforms.
    • Any copyrighted material on these pages is used in a "fair use" manner, for the purpose of study, education, review or critical analysis only, and will be removed at the request of copyright owner/s if there is any breach of law. 
    • If the use is legal the Copyright material will stay.
Some of the items on this site are subject to Crown Copyright. This includes but is not limited to all military badges and insignias. They are used here under limited and conditional approval. Part of that approval requires the reproduction of the following . . . 

Commonwealth of Australia Copyright Notice

Commonwealth of Australia 2000

This work is copyright. You may download, display, print and reproduce this material in unaltered form only (retaining this notice) for your personal, non-commercial use or use within your organisation. All other rights are reserved. Requests and inquiries concerning reproduction and rights should be addressed to the Manager, Legislative Service, AusInfo. GPO Box 1920, Canberra ACT 2601 or by email to

Australian War Memorial Copyright Notice.


Some of the items on this website are the copyright of the Australian War Memorial.

You may download, display, print and reproduce this material in unaltered form only for your personal, non-commercial use or use within your organisation. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, you must not copy, adapt, publish, distribute or commercialise any material contained on this site without the permission of the Australian War Memorial.


Many images (particularly badges) fall into this category

This logo indicates that an image is ineligible for copyright and therefore is in the public domain, because it consists entirely of information that is common property and contains no original authorship. Although unofficial it's use is growing.

Please read this before you send me any emails about Copyright.      Please read this before you send me any emails about Copyright.      Please read this before you send me any emails about Copyright.

If you believe that you have a Copyright difficulty with something I have done, please do us both a favour. 

  • Before you blast me  and make all sorts of threats, please go to Check what the Australian legal situation is for yourself and then contact me. It will save us both some time and might save you some heartache. Just because you own Copyright of some intellectual property does not mean that small parts of it cannot be legally reproduced. As for photographs, if you are not the photographer or the subject you probably do not own the copyright. Anyway, go to the site and see what you think.

  • Marches

The Tattoo and the other Regimental marches on this site in sample size come from the CD that contains them all in full and is available from the RAR Foundation. Note that the quality of the samples is well below that of the CD because I have compressed them to make them fast loading. They are .wav files in mono at 11megahertz so quality is affected. They are short duration demonstration samples only. The RAR Foundation is the Copyright owner.
  • COPIES. I freely admit that some of what is reproduced is here without the knowledge of the webmaster of the web I pinched them from. What can I say? I am an Aussie, we make a 'thing' about our convict past, I am ex-Army so scrounging is second nature, this is not a commercial site so I get no gain, I have moved nothing off the web just DOUBLED it's exposure and if you need any more excuses give me about 20 minutes and I will have 100 (and by the way, where did he pinch it from in the first place?).

    • If you intend to copy something of mine from here and use it in an appropriate non commercial manner on the WWW, feel free to do so, with the appropriate credit

      • ( material where Copyright held by others not included).

    • If your site is worthwhile maybe we  can swap links. Contact me. If I have added an acknowledgement that same acknowledgement must accompany any copy that you use.

  • PLAGIARISM. Occasionally some people throw this word around as an insult and a charge. Let's stay with reality. Plagiarism is when a person reproduces some one else's work and claims it as their own. I may have copied the work of other people BUT I have never claimed it as my work and unless it is insignificantly small, obviously not their original work or I boo-booed, the author or web site source has been credited.

  • COPIES or BANDWIDTH THEFT. When you place an image on the WWW there are two possibilities, should someone want to use or reproduce it. Both are potentially cause for concern.

    • The first used method and one that contains absolutely NO COPYRIGHT PROBLEMS at all is what is called hot-linking. Because every image has to have its own URL it is possible to link to someone else's image and have it reproduced on your own site. That way you are not reproducing someone else's work, so there is no possibility of breach of Copyright...........BUT what you are doing is STEALING the bandwidth of the original webmaster. He has to pay for the cost of displaying his image on your site. That is not nice.

    • The other alternative is that the image is copied and reproduced in a new storage area and the webmaster of the reproduced image pays for his own bandwidth use. Unfortunately some people consider that this is a breach of Copyright.

      • Neither possibility is perfect but the second is preferable in my opinion. And the moral of the story is that if you don't want your image reproduced or hot-linked, don't put it on the WWW.

  • USE OF INFORMATION (PRIVACY STATEMENT) This site does not collect information about you so I could not misuse it, sell it, trade it or post it to Outer Mongolia, even if I wanted to. I don't. I won't. I can't.

  • COOKIES. This site does NOT install cookies on your machine. It is my opinion that cookies are good and necessary in some cases. Stupid in others. 

    • If YOU are not in full knowledge of the cookies on your computer you are not in control.


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