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Royal Flying Corps

This is a British Army unit and is included here merely because it contained so many AIF men.
The Royal Flying Corps was formed on 13th May 1912 and served through the majority of the First World War. 

On 1st April 1918, the RFC and the RNAS (Royal Navy Air Service) were separated from the army and the navy and merged to form a new service, the Royal Air Force.

No attempt is made here to tell the whole RFC story. It is just about some of the Australians who flew and fought in the Royal Flying Corps.

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uniform-afc.jpg (18374 bytes)

  • Uniforms of the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Air Force from 1912 onwards.
  • Portrait of an Australian Officer of the Royal Flying Corps wearing the uniform and pilots brevet (wings) of the First World War period

Hat/cap and collar badges and some buttons of the Royal Flying Corps (RFC)


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