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Australian Flying Corps 1914-1918

The First World War saw the fledgling Australian Flying Corps acquire a variety of aircraft. As the war progressed more types were tried. This was the pattern of WW1 - accelerating the development of military aircraft. By the time war ended in 1918, the groundwork had been laid for the future employment of aircraft in warfare. No longer would the airplane be considered (as it was at the outbreak of WW1) something of a novel tactical device with limited application.


The Australian Flying Corps was formed by men of the AIF. It later became the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

also many AIF men joined the Royal Flying Corps

 and the Royal Naval Air Service

The RFC and the RNAS were separated from the Army and Navy to form the Royal Air Force. Many Australians served in the RAF

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Caption reads: Some of the DH5 aircraft with which No 2 Squadron AFC began operations were donated by public subscription. A9242 seen at Harlaxon during final training was presented by the women of New South Wales.

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