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World War I - Sinai, Palestine and Syria- Overview

In March 1916, the ANZAC Mounted Division was formed, from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Light Horse Brigades and the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade, in Egypt. It was commanded by Major General (later Lieutenant General Sir) Harry G. Chauvel.

The Corps played a prominent part in the capture of Jerusalem in December. Despite the loss of many experienced troops, the Corps defeated a determined attack by the German Asia Corps at Abu Tellul in April. During September, the Corps played an important part in the advance to Haifa and Semakh, entering Damascus on 1 October. Turkey signed an armistice at the end of that month, by which time Corps units had reached Aleppo.

  • The total battle casualties for the AIF in this campaign were 416 officers and 4435 other ranks, with 96 officers and 1278 enlisted men dying from all causes.


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Diggers in Palestine

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