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Category: Badges

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Warrant Officer Class II (WO2); Company Sergeant Major (CSM)

The metal badges of rank for WO were made in various finishes, brass, bronze, oxidised brass, blackened and unpolished 'silver'.
  • As seen on previous pages the badge of rank of the Warrant Officer Class II is a large crown, worn by itself.
  • As we have also seen it was previously the badge of rank for a Warrant Officer Class 1.
  • Before the large Crown was cemented in place as the WO2 badge it was used for other things.

On the left is an AIF Volunteer badge

It was a red crown on khaki and was worn by members of the Forces, regardless of rank, that had volunteered for Active Service but who had been retained for service in Australia as "essential personnel".

As seen else where the use of a Crown was not new as can be seen by this badge of a Battery Sergeant Major; Victorian  Permanent Field & Horse Artillery c.1890. Gold on blue. QVC.

However the use of a Crown by itself had previously been limited to Commissioned Officers.

2 variations of the single crown badge as issued to Officers pre-WW1. Officers as junior as Lieutenant wore the crown as a collar badge to indicate Officer status, not a rank.

Crown of Company Sergeant Major c.1893 (worn above chevrons). Crown of Colour Sergeants and Sergeants on the Staff (Staff Sergeants) bullion c.1912. Crown of Colour Sergeants and Sergeants on the Staff (Staff Sergeants) worsted c.1912.

Warrant Officer Class II, worsted, c.1960 Warrant Officer Class II, embroidered,c.1955 Smaller versions of the crown badge are the badge of rank for a Major. QC above, KC below.

Warrant Officer Class III (WO3)   aka   Staff Sergeant Major Class 3

as per Australian Military Forces Standing Order of Dress 1935

Many more details on this rank and these badges in the section that starts at RSM 1

Bullion 1936 Worsted 1940 Embroidered 1950

A private collection of Australian Crowns (WO2)

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