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Category: Badges

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History of the RSM's Badge and the badges of WO1 and WO2 (cont'd)

2 versions of the rank & appointment badge of the Regimental Sergeant Major of the (Australian) Army. It is the wreath that indicates the singular nature of the appointment.
  • In the Canadian Army the Crown in wreath badge was used but with the wreath made from maple leaves.

RQMS, UK, Mess Dress, post 1953

RQMS Light Infantry UK, post 1953

  • "Subdued" finish on Crown in Wreath (QC indicates post 1953), possibly British, probably NZ.

Embroidered Crown in Wreath. I am told that in NZ this badge , post WW2, was only worn by the senior WO of NZ SAS. It is now worn by all NZ WO2s.

1978-1994 WO1 2nd KEO Gurkha Rifles UK 1978 Parachute Regt. (UK)

1978 RSM Infantry, RA, RMP. (UK)

Foot Guards RSM Pre-1952

RAF WO Badge 1918-1952

UK Conductor RAOC

UK Army Catering Corps pre-1953 WO1

Conductor Royal Logistics Corps 1994-present.

  • Khaki backed WO badge, possibly New Zealand, probably circa 1950
  • Another version of the embroidered Royal Arms badge for Warrant Officers.

1950s version of the "Galloping Horses" on light khaki.
UK Conductor's subdued rank badge. Desert pattern subdued WO1, UK forces

  • Rank badge of Farrier Sergeant Major. The large plate goes inside the sleeve.
  • Epaulette slides for a Warrant Officer (Recruiting) in the British Army 2004
<<< The bullion badge of rank for a Warrant Officer Class 1 in the Australian Army circa 2000.

1950s era Aussie WO1's woven badge, on jungle green >>>

  • 2 versions of the RAAF Warrant Officer's badge from WW2.
  • Both are on a RAAF blue background. 1 has light blue embroidery, the other has white embroidery.
Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense (French for ‘Shame on him who thinks this evil’) appears on a garter which surrounds the shield on the Royal Coat of Arms. This garter symbolises the Order of the Garter, an ancient order of knighthood of which the Queen is sovereign. Dieu et Mon Droit (French for ‘God and my right’) is the motto of the Sovereign and dates from the time of King Henry V (reigned 1413-1422). The motto appears below the shield on the Royal Coat of Arms.

The wreath design was used on many badges that had nothing to do with a Warrant Officer's badge. Above left, Brigade Champion Shot; above right, Lewis Gunner proficiency badge
Australian Coat of Arms - WO1 badges

NZ WO1 rank badge (Coat of Arms)

Royal NZ Infantry Regiment, RSM

  • This is the standard WO1 badge of rank in the NZ Army.

  • As in Australia not all WO1s are RSMs, but most RSMs are WO1.

Above & left. 3 versions of the WO1 badge, Australian Army

Rank and appointment badge of the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Army (RSMA), Australia. (bullion).

Below. Metal hat badge of RSMA

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New Zealand RSM (WO1) badge

NZ RSM mess dress badge

 NZ RSM subdued & normal

NZ RSM Bullion/mess dress >>>


Bullion WO1 badge

Canadian RSM badge for dress uniform.

Command Warrant Officer, Canada

Canadian RSM of the Army badge on Cadpat (Canadian Pattern camouflage)

Command Warrant Officer, Canada

  • Full set of badges for Warrant Officer of the Air Force (RAAF).
    • Top: metal hat badge
    • Centre: 2 epaulettes slides
    • Bottom: Rank badge (worn on the sleeve)

 More details on History of the RSM's badge Page 2 Don't miss it.


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