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Australian School & Regional Cadet Unit badges

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Volunteer Cadet Corps Victoria, pre-Federation

Commonwealth Cadet Corps Victoria post Federation

2 versions of the Australian Army Cadet Corps cloth shoulder badge. Both versions were made in opposing pairs (facing pairs) so that the Torch of Learning was always superior to the Sword of Military Training (also called Sword of Defence) and so that the Torch always faced the front. The one on the left is the earlier version circa 1985 and the one on the right the later version. The current version is below.

RCU = Regional Cadet Unit. This is a new formation in the Australian Cadet system that allows Cadets to be drawn from several schools inside a designated region, not just 1 school.
In 2001 the name of the Corps was changed to Australian Army Cadets and a new badge was adopted. (See left). 

This is to be worn on the left shoulder only which breaks with the tradition of the Torch of Learning always facing to the front. 

However the other tradition of the Torch of Learning being superior to the Sword of Military Training (Sword of Defence) was maintained.

In the early 1990s I started a Committee to Form a Cadet Unit in the Redland Shire, Q'land. 

Against massive opposition from Cadet Units of other Services in the area, and another RCU 10 kilometers away, 136 RCU Redlands was formed. My son, a Cadet WO2 in another unit in another area became it's first Cadet WO1 & RSM.

 It's original badge is shown left. It's current badge is above. Some of the uniformed men and a few parents objected to the Crown being prominent on the badge. I was declared "not a fit and proper person" to be a member of the Association by the civilian committee.

Peninsular School Cadet Unit

Noarlunga/10 Royal South Australian Regiment Cadet Unit

Caulfield Grammar Cadet Corps Ivanhoe Cadet Unit Anglican Church Grammar School Cadets (East Brisbane  Q)

224 RCU Canberra 508 RCU Karratha

 11 RCU Hat Badge.

Scotch College Cadet Unit Melbourne

Hawkesbury Agricultural College Cadet Unit NSW c.1890 

Queensland Cadets 1908

217 RCU

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Canberra Grammar School Cadet Unit

29 (Padstow) RCU, Holworthy

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