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Category: Badges

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New Zealand's Corps badges, 1911 to present  Page 3
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Royal New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps

Royal NZ Army Ordnance Corps Anod Cap Badge

  • 1 April 1915 saw the formation of the Army Ordnance Section of the NZ Army. 
  • On February 1, 1917 it was split into the Army Ordnance Department and the army Ordnance Corps. 
  • They were amalgamated on 3 July 1923 to become the New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps. 
  • The corps was granted the right to use the "Royal" prefix on 12 July 1947 and this allowed the use of the "garter" in the design of the badge. 
  • On 9 December 1996 the corps ceased to exist as it was absorbed into the Royal New Zealand Logistics Regiment.

  • A King's Crown version was also used for the hat & collar badges of the Royal New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps



SCARCE 1st Patt NZ Army Ordnance Corps Badge

SCARCE NZ Army Ordnance Corps 1st Patt Colls

Hat & collar, Army Ordnance Department Army Ordnance Corps, Hat & collar



Cap & collar  Army Ordnance Corps (2) Collar & cap, New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps
New Zealand Army Pay Corps

  • The New Zealand Army Pay Department was formed on 31 May 1917. 
  • On 21 July 1920 it was renamed the New Zealand Army Pay Corps. 
  • It was disbanded in 1930. 
  • 1969 saw it reactivated as a Corps and it lasted until 31 July 1993 when it was again disbanded.

Top; Cap & collar of NZ Army Pay Corps

Lower: Cap & collar New Zealand Army Pay Corps

<<<  A Queen's Crown version was also issued.

NZ Army pay corps badges/title
NZ Army Pay Corps Q/C Cap Badge NZ Army Pay Corps Q/C Pair Collar Badges

Cast and gilded QC version later replaced with another version using better manufacturing methods.

New Zealand Permanent Staff

NZ Permanent Staff K/C New Type Cap Badge

NZ Permanent Staff shoulder title  >>

  • This unit was formed in the reorganisation of 1911. 
  • For a while the British army "Crowned Lion on Crown" badge was used with fern leaf collar dogs as below. 

  • Later a New Zealand badge was designed and issued, as shown left with collar dogs as below.

Permanent Staff collar dogs (identical & opposed)

Physical Training Corps


  • This unit started life during WW1 and was called Physical Training Staff.
  • It was renamed the New Zealand Army Physical Training Corps on1 June 1987 when it became a distinct unit.

 << British badge worn by the New Zealand PT Staff in WW1


  • British Army PTI badges were worn until a distinctive New Zealand badge was introduced in 1995.



  • Embroidered PTI badge. Note the St Edward's (Queens) Crown.
Post & Telegraph Corps

  • When it was formed on 7 October 1911 this unit was part of the New Zealand Engineers. 
  • On 1 June 1921 it was re-designated as the New Zealand Corps of Signals.

Railway Battalions
  • This unit formed as the Railway Battalions New Zealand Engineers. That was October 5, 1911. Later it was called the New Zealand Railway Corps. 
  • It was renamed New Zealand Railway Battalions on 1 July 1913. 
  • It formed part of the Samoa Advance Force in 1914.
  • The Unit was disbanded 1 December 1921
Regular Force Cadets

  • Senior Cadet Officers wore this badge from 1911 to 1921.
  • Training Cadre, Trentham also wore it from 1927 and unposted Regular Service Recruits  wore it from 1932 to 1950.
  • Regular Force Cadets used the badge from 1950 and from 1952 it was plated with silver or chrome.
Royal New Zealand Corps of Signals 

New Zealand Signal Corps Brass Cap Badge

  • The Mounted Signal Troops and Divisional Signal Companies of NZEF were formed 1 July 1913. 

  • These Units were amalgamated with the New Zealand Post & Telegraph Corps to form the NZ Corps of Signals, 1 June 1921.

  •  The "Royal" prefix was granted 12 June 1947.

Royal NZ Signals : KC


New Zealand Special Air Service
  • NZ Special Air Service (SAS) formed in 1955 (June) as part of the British 22nd SAS Regiment. It became a separate corps of the NZ Army in 1959. It was renamed 1st Ranger Squadron, New Zealand SAS on 1 September 1963. On 1 April 1978 the old name was again used and 1 NZ SAS Sqn serves to this day.

New Zealand Staff Corps

In gilt & bronze

  • Staff Corps formed in  April of 1911 and was disbanded on 9 January 1947.


The silver fern leaf badges were used as collar dogs and in 1911 as a hat badge.

New Zealand Veterinary Corps
  • The Army Veterinary Corps (AVC) formed in 1907. It was originally called the Army Veterinary Service. 
  • At a later date the National name was added so it became the NZVC.
  • During WW1 it selected and supplied 9,988 horses for the New Zealand Mounted Rifles.
  • The Corps was disbanded on 9 January 1947.


Women's Royal Army Corps

NZ Womens Royal Army Corps Q/C Badge


  • The New Zealand Women's Auxiliary Army Corps was established on 1 July 1942 from a disparate group of organisations.
  • In 1948 it became a Corps of the New Zealand Regular Army.
  • The "Royal" prefix was granted in  July 1952.
  • The Corps was disbanded on 29 July 1977 and all personnel were absorbed into the new unisex Army.
  • It's full history is on NZWRAC
  • <<< Top: WW2 badge, WAAC

  • <Centre: 1st pattern WRAC

    • bi-metal

  • < Lower right: 2nd pattern WRAC

    • anodised & enamel

  • Below: Bi-metal 2nd pattern WRAC




  • The New Zealand Women's Land Service. 
  • In 1941 the Women's War Service Auxiliary (WWSA) was created and they formed the Women's Land Corps. It served until September of 1942 when a new version was formed called the Women's Land Service. They had a more stylish uniform and better pay rates. 
  • The Service was disbanded 30 April 1946 and had over 2,000 members at it's peak.

  • The New Zealand Women's National Service Corps.
  • Regardless of the military sounding name the members of this Corps remained as civilians. 
  • They assisted the Army by acting as typists, cooks and drivers. 
  • The Corps was formed in 1941 and was absorbed into the NZ Army Service Corps in 1942.
  • This information is provided as a guide only. No commercial decision should be based on it.

    • Many images from Phillip James of New Zealand. 

    • Some details from Badges & Insignia of the New Zealand Army by Geoffrey P Oldham. I recommend any collector uses his publication ISBN 0-473-04378-5

    • I do not buy, sell, trade or provide valuations. Any advice I gave may be commercially worthless.


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