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Category: Badges

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Cloth Trade badges of the Australian Army

Many of the trade badges worn by the British Army were also worn in Australia. Many of those can be seen at Trade 1 , Trade 2 , or Trade 3
The Drill Instructor's badge (left) had crossed swords over crossed bugles all surmounted by a crown. Silver on scarlet. Colonial units.

Australian Instructional Staff Tank Driver's badge


Pioneers Armourer/Blacksmith (now Artificer). Silver on scarlet for Victorian Volunteers 1860. Gold on blue, Victorian Military Forces 1893. Armourer/Blacksmith (now Artificer). This 1920 version is in Russia braid.


Farriers. (Men who put horse-shoes on horses). In gold or silver (left) or worsted (right). The Branch of Service determined the backing colour.

Also referred to as Shoeing-smiths.

<<< 1893: Collarmaker, Victorian Military Forces. Gold on a coloured backing depending on Branch of Service.

1893. Victorian Mounted Rifles >>> Note the absence of a chain.

A collar maker was a person skilled in making the collars that went around the necks of draught bullocks and draft horses for the artillery and transport sections of the Army.

<<<Worsted Saddler's Badge 1910

Sadler's badge 1931 worsted  >>>

Saddler's were men skilled in making and repairing saddles and harness


Certified Army Signaler: Victorian Military Forces 1893. Gold on blue or scarlet. Certified Flag Signaler. Victorian Military Forces 1893. Gold on scarlet or blue Signaler. Australian Military Forces 1906. In gold or silver.
Signaler: Worsted. Australian Military Forces 1912. Signaler: Worsted. Australian Military Forces 1912. variation Signaler. On khaki service dress. 1940

Signaler. On khaki drill 1940. Wireless Operator. Worsted.
Trumpeter. Victorian Military Forces. 1893. Colour dependent on Branch of Service Trumpeter 1870. Volunteers. Bugler. Gold on blue. Victorian Military Forces. 1893

Bugler. 1912. Worsted. Bugler. 1912. Worsted. variation Sergeant Bugler. AMF 1922.

Bugler 1950

Bandmaster/Bandsman. Gold or silver. Colonial forces. Bandmaster wore a crown above this badge.

Bullion collar badges.

Bandsman. 1910. Worsted. Bandsman 1955 Worsted. Bandsman 1955 Embroidered

Drummer Victorian Volunteers 1875 Silver. Drummer. 1940 Worsted Drummer 1950 Embroidered on khaki
Drummer Embroidered on rifle green for PIR. 1950 onwards. Artificer on jungle green circa 1965

Piper 1950 Embroidered

Wheeler and  Carpenter Badge. AMF 1931. Gold on khaki Wheeler & Carpenter. Worsted. AMF 1931. Driver (Mechanical Transport) AMF 1931
1st Class Driver (Mechanical Transport) AMF 1931 AIF Cyclist badge. WW1 Ambulance Badge Victorian Military Forces 1893. Geneva Cross on white.
Regimental Stretcher bearer. AMF 1912. Gold on blue.

Stretcher Bearer badges

Stretcher bearer. Worsted on khaki.
<<< 1st Class Swordsman (Cavalry). Gold

Swordsman's badge. Gold on khaki. (later the Physical Training Instructor's badge) >>>

Victorian Engineer's badge/s

by J K Cossum. Worn on the left forearm, the badge was awarded to the best men of a Field Company, Victorian Engineers, not exceeding 10% of strength. Early badges were made of gold bullion, sewn onto red or green felt, and in 1 8 71 were changed to be made in solid nickel-silver and sewn onto either red or dark blue felt, cut in the shape o f a shield. The design of the badge was a gabion surmounted with a felling axe crossed with pick and shovel, rifle and bayonet and pontoon anchor. The scroll at the base having the motto, 'AUT PACE AUT BELLO, V ICTORIA'. In 1893, the motto changed to 'PRO DEO ET PATRIA, VICTORIA'.
Some images from Australian Army Badges: Cloth insignia of the Army in Australia 1860-1993 by J K Cossum ISBN 0 949530 14 X


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