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Category: Badges

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Trade, Proficiency & Skill at Arms Badges,1900 to approx 1960 Page 1

Lewis Gunner's (later Light Machine Gunner's) proficiency badge

  • Please note that these are British badges but as the armies of Australia and New Zealand were close to carbon copies of the British Army most of them would have been worn by Australian & New Zealand troops. 
    • Images courtesy CWO H H "Sarge" Booker 2nd, of the USA
  • The design of current badges can also be linked with these older versions.

  • As can be seen from this image the badges went through many versions over the years. 


  • Some of the variation were to suit different Corps or Regiments, some were to suit different uniforms.
  • Note. The "wireless operator" shown on the chart above may be upside down and actually is the badge of Radio Mechanic.

Control equipment technician

Machine Gun Guards Battalions. NCOs wore it voided. (Not Guards Machine Gun Regiment)

Regimental Medical Assistant/First Aid Instructor 

Worn above QI in Royal Engineers and by Senior NCOs in RE above chevrons (9 flames)

Qualified Combat Infantryman "Close Protection" trained

WW1 Wireless (radio) operator

Metal piper's badge


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