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Artworks by and about the military

  • Many artists celebrate the military endeavours. 
  • Many Service personnel are artists.
  • The authorities usually send an Official Artist away with any Force sent overseas in harms way.
  • The results of some of these endeavours are here to be enjoyed.

Two soldiers wearing 'Anzac uniform' - hats, shorts made from cut down trousers, boots and socks, one with bare torso and one with improvised short sleeved shirt, one carrying rifle and bandolier around chest, the other carrying a four-gallon tin and a sack slung over his shoulders. Depicted during the Gallipoli campaign

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This is a currently available cast bronze statuette of a WW1 Digger in France.

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The WW1 3 soldier set: Rifleman, dismounted Lighthorseman, Lewis gunner.

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WW1 Lewis Gunner

WW1 dismounted Lighthorseman

A Voice from Anzac: Dyson

Young Bill

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