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Vultee Vengeance dive bomber

The Vengeance was designed for the RAF, who at the time were impressed with a need for dive-bombers following the early achievements of the German Stuka. The RAAF followed the lead of the RAF, receiving 342 aircraft from 1942, but cancelling the order for a further 58 aircraft in 1944.

This aircraft was built in the USA but served in the combat role with the RAF and Indian Air Force in Burma, with the French air force in North Africa and with the Royal Australian Air Force in the Pacific.

Vultee "Vengeance" Dive Bomber

Developed primarily in response to British interest, Vultee developed a two-seat dive bomber in 1940 which was to become known as the Vengeance. The British Purchasing Commission placed an initial order for 200 aircraft from Vultee along with a further 200 aircraft to be built under license by Northrop. Additional orders then followed. Few of these aircraft actually reached Britain however with almost the entire order being diverted to the Far East for use by RAF, RAAF or Indian Air Force squadrons. A number of aircraft were also retained by the USAAF. In RAF service, Vengeance were operationally employed to good effect in the Burma theatre. As the war progressed, the RAF transferred some Vengeance aircraft to the Fleet Air Arm for use as target tugs. Additionally, some aircraft were used by the RAF in smoke-laying operations.

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