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Australian Flying Aces of WW2

1939 - 1945


  • In all, 25 Australians achieved ten or more enemy kills in World War Two.

    • .5 of a kill indicates 2 Australian pilots attacking 1 enemy

    • .25 indicates 4 etc

    • 'kills' had to be confirmed by another pilot.

  • Between them they destroyed a massive 298 enemy aircraft

MID clasp Air Medal, USA Knights Cross 

Order of Merit, Malta

Polish Cross of Valour
Group Captain C. Caldwell  DSO, DFC & BAR, Polish Cross of Valour. 28.5
Flight Lieutenant A.P. Goldsmith  DFC, DFM  16.25
Squadron Leader K.W. Truscott  DFC & BAR  16
Group Captain J.L. Waddy  OBE, DFC, US Air Medal  15.5
Flight Lieutenant P.C. Hughes  DFC  15
Squadron Leader C.C. Scherf DSO,  DFC & BAR 14.5
Flight Officer L.R. Clisby  DFC  14
Flight Lieutenant M.C. Shipard  DFC & BAR  14
Flight Lieutenant R.N. Cullen  DFC  13
Squadron Leader A.W. Barr  DFC & BAR  12
Flight Officer B.A. Bretherton  DFC 12
Flight Lieutenant C.A. Crombie  DSO, DFC  12
Flight Lieutenant G.W. Yarra  DFM  12
Squadron Leader P. St B. Turnbull  DFC  12
Squadron Leader H.T. Armstrong  DFC & BAR  11
Wing Commander H.C. Mayers  DSO, DFC & BAR MID  11
Squadron Leader R.J.C. Whittle  DFM  11
Wing Commander R.H. Gibbes  DSO, DFC & BAR  10.25
Flight Lieutenant V.P. Brennan  DFC, DFM,  K/Cross Order of Merit Malta 10
Squadron Leader J.R. Cock   DFC 10
Group Captain W.S. Arthur  DSO, DFC, 2 MID's  10
Flight Lieutenant C.H. Parkinson  DFC  10
Flight Officer I.B.N Russell  DFC  10
Wing Commander J.R. Perrin  DFC  10
Group Captain A.C. Rawlinson  DFC & BAR  10
  • 'Bar' indicates the second award of the same medal and is worn as a silver bar on the ribbon of that medal

  • The MID oak leaf is worn on the ribbon of the 1939/45 War Medal.


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