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Arthur Henry Cobby
Personal details at a glance:
Name: Arthur Henry Cobby
Rank: Captain
Service: Australian Flying Corps
Squadrons: 4, 71
Victories: 29
Born: 26 August 1894
Place of Birth: Melbourne
Died: 11 November 1955
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With the outbreak of WW2, Cobby returned to active service on July 25 1940 as Director of Recruiting. By August 1942 as an Air Commodore, he had become operational commander of the RAAF in Western Australia.

He was awarded a George Medal for his actions on September 7 1943 when a Catalina flying boat in which he was a passenger, crashed on landing. Although injured himself, he played a major part in rescuing other survivors from drowning. Later, after commanding the RAAF Staff College, he commanded an operational Group in the South West Pacific area from July 1944, which became the 1st Tactical Air Force on October 21 1944.

He left the RAAF as an Air Commodore CBE DSO DFC GM in 1946 to return to civil aviation and died on Armistice Day, November 11 1955.

Captain Arthur Henry Cobby GM, DSO, DFC and 2 Bars

Kill Date Type Result Location
1 21/3/1918 Albatros D V Out of control S Brebieres
2 21/3/1918 Albatros D V Destroyed S Brebieres
3 30/3/1918 Pfalz D Ill Destroyed S E Arras
4 10/4/1918 Albatros D V Destroyed S E Estaires
5 20/4/1918 Pfalz D Ill Destroyed Neuve-Eglise
6 21/4/1918 Balloon Destroyed Merville
7 30/4/1918 Albatros D V Destroyed Estaires
8 30/4/1918 Balloon Destroyed Estaires
9 1/6/1918 Balloon Destroyed N Estaires
10 1/6/1918 Albatros D V Destroyed Estaires
11 17/6/1918 Pfalz D Ill Destroyed E Laventie
12 17/6/1918 Pfalz D Ill Destroyed E Laventie
13 19/6/1918 Pfalz D Ill Destroyed Nieppe Forest
14 25/6/1918 Pfalz D Ill Destroyed Estaires-Laventie
15 26/6/1918 Pfalz D Ill Destroyed S E Armentieres
16 28/6/1918 LVG C Destroyed E Outtersteene
17 28/6/1918 Pfalz D Ill Destroyed S E Estaires
18 28/6/1918 Halberstadt C Destroyed Wytschaete
19 2/7/1918 Balloon Destroyed Bac St Maur
20 2/7/1918 Fokker Dr I Destroyed N E La Bassee
21 9/7/1918 A.G.O. C Destroyed N E Gravelin
22 14/7/1918 Balloon Destroyed Estaires-La Bassee
23 15/7/1918 Pfalz D Ill Destroyed Armentieres
24 15/7/1918 Pfalz D Ill Destroyed Armentieres
25 6/8/1918 LVG. C Destroyed S E Bac St Maur
26 7/8/1918 Unidentified 2 seater Destroyed Lestrem
27 7/8/1918 Pfalz D Ill Destroyed S E Annentieres
28 16/8/1918 Fokker D VII Destroyed Wavrin
29 4/9/1918 Fokker D VII Out of control Wattignies

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