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Australian Aces

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of WW1

and other notable Aussie flyers of the time

DSO DSC (George V) DFC (pre 1919) DFM AFC
The following is a list of the 74 Australian airmen who shot down 5 or more enemy planes during WW1. I believe the list to be complete but be aware that not all of these men were AFC. 

Hundreds of AIF men and other Australians joined the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) or the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) which was actually bigger than the RFC. 

Many served in more than one arm of Service. Many served in BOTH the AFC and the RFC. 

Others were in the RFC when it became the RAF and others were with the RNAS when it became the RAF. Some were in the AFC  but flew in RFC or RAF Squadrons.

  • Those marked with an asterisk earned their ranking while serving as observer/gunners, not pilots.
  • The links are to
  • The numbers in RED are the number of enemy planes destroyed
Robert A. Little 47
Roderic S. Dallas 32
Arthur H. Cobby 29
Elwyn R. King 26
Alexander A.N.D Pentland 23
Edgar J.K. McCloughry 21
Richard P. Minifie 21
Edgar C. Johnston 20
Andrew K. Cowper 19
Cedric E. Howell 19
Fred P. Holliday 17
Allan Hepburn 16
Francis R. Smith 16
John R. Gordon* 15
Roy C. Phillipps 15
Arthur Coningham 14
Harold A. Hamersley 13
Eric J. Stephens 13
Thomas C.R. Baker 12
Raymond J. Brownell 12
Roby L. Manuel 12
Cecil R. Richards 12
Ross M. Smith 12
Leonard T.E. Taplin 12
Henry G. Forrest 11
Geoffrey H. Hooper 11
Geoffrey F. Hughes 11
Herbert J. Larkin 11
Adrian T. Cole 10
Stanley J. Goble 10
Alfred S. Shepherd 10
Gregory H. Blaxland 9
Eric D. Cummings 9
Arthur T. Drinkwater 9
Clive A. Brewster-Joske 8
Roy M. Drummond 8
Garfield Finlay* 8
Richard W. Howard 8
George G. Simpson 8
Leslie W. Sutherland* 8
Frank Alberry 7
Thomas H. Barkell 7
Ernest E. Davies 7
Walter I.N. Grant* 7
George Jones 7
Edward P. Kenney 7
Walter A. Kirk* 7
Paul J. McGinness 7
Arthur J. Palliser 7
George C. Peters 7
Lancelot L. Richardson 7
Charles O. Stone 7
Norman C. Trescowthick 7
James J. Wellwood 7
George H.D. Gossip 6
Phillip A. Johnston 6
George A. Lingham 6
Garnet F. Malley 6
Robert W. McKenzie 6
Harry A. Rigby 6
Claud R.J. Thompson 6
Albert V. Tonkin 6
James H. Traill* 5
William J.A. Weir* 5
Allan R. Brown 5
Alexander G. Clark 5
George J. Cox 5
Sydney Dalrymple 5
Herbert J. Edwards 5
Wilmot H. Fysh* 5
Eustace S. Headlam 5
Ernest A. Mustard* 5
Eric L. Simonson 5
Graham C. Young 5

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