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In Viet Nam the RAAF flew the Australian version of the Iroquois gunship called the Bushranger. They provided close infantry support for the Task Force and sometimes doubled up as CASEVAC air ambulance, although technically they were not Dustoff. Dustoff was unarmed and wore a Red Cross. Bushranger was armed to the teeth. Now the same ships are being flown by Army Aviation Regt.

The photos above and below show the twin mounted GPMG M60 machine guns operated by the Loadmaster/Gunner. Below them is the 7 barrel 2.75 inch rocket launcher.

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In the pilot's seat

The 6 barrel Gatling style mini-gun is mounted on the right hand side of the Bushranger, rockets and twin GPMG M60 on the left.
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The Mini-gun works on the Gatling system where after each shot is fired a new barrel rotates to accept the new round. This allows a lot of cooling time for each barrel and therefore allows a very high fire power.

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