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In Malaya & Korea there was the start of the change from the "old" air of fixed wing to the "new" air of the helicopters. In Malaya the enemy had no air at all and we had a little.

In Korea both sides had plenty.

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the MIGs of Korea

The Bell 47 (H-13)


The Korean War was the first conflict that saw the widespread use of helicopters, where they were used mainly for the transport of supplies and the evacuation of wounded. Occasionally US Marines used helicopters to transport troops. Made famous by the television series "MASH", the Bell 47 was widely used by the United States Army to evacuate casualties. The Bell 47 was able to carry two passengers in the cabin and two casualties in pods attached on either side of the aircraft. The Bell 47 had a top speed of 169 km/h and a range of just over 330 km. Many Australian casualties benefited from the speedy evacuation the Bell 47 was able to provide.

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