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From the trench-club that requires that the soldier gets VERY close to the enemy to the artillery piece that kills from 12 miles away, they are all here. Choose from the list below . . .
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WW1 British pistol

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Japanese WW2 grenade

German anti cavalry spikes or caltrops.

Each caltrop has four projecting spikes at different angles so that at least one spike will always face upwards. 

Caltrops were designed to stop cavalry by piercing the soles of horses moving over them. These spikes were collected from Avenue Farm, near Messines, by Captain W C G Ruddock, of 40 Battalion, AIF


WW1 British grenade No.5 Mk.1

USMC Rifleman's Creed

Marine recruits are made to learn this by rote.

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Digger History:  an unofficial history of the Australian & New Zealand Armed Forces