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Current Statistics and comments about this site.

Statistics Report 2005

  • This copy of the Cpanel usage report for 2005 shows Digger History had 

    •     2,522,153 individual visitors who looked at

    •   10,567,249 pages or

    • 103,158,891 files and logged a total of 

    • 114,726,692 hits

These stats refer only to Digger History. Not Digger History 2, Military Badges, Digger History 3, First AIF or any of the other Associate Sites.

Old Statistics and comments about this site.


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22 October 2003

It is with a large slice of gratitude that I announce that Digger History  has now passed the 1 million page visitors mark.

 Not bad seeing it started on 11 November last year.

Although it was originally my concept to bring all of Australia's military history (1788 to 2002) to one place on the web, in an easy to use format, I did not and could not have done it alone.

 My thanks to the Redlands RSL of Cleveland  in the Redland Shire, Queensland, Australia who sponsored the idea when there was nothing to see. I appreciate the confidence they showed. 

(I smile now when I remember that I promised them 50,000 visits in the first 12 months and crossed my fingers and hoped that I could deliver).

My thanks also to Yves Fohlen (France), Alan Kitchen & Graeme Hosken (FFFAIF), Judith Lappin (Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades Assoc), Richard G Crompton (42 Battalion researcher/expert), the AWM, the Imperial War Museum, the Australian Army, RAAF Museum and dozens of other contributors, large and small who have helped create the site.

My thanks also to Chief Warrant Officer 4 Herbert H "Sarge" Booker of California has done huge amounts of work to bring me thousands of images of badges and equipment.

Regular visitors will note that I have now added many pages relating to the military history of New Zealand. One of the things that has always irked me is that Australian historians often forget that to spell ANZAC you need NZ and that New Zealand historians seem to believe that the Kiwi never saw a Kangaroo.

I promised myself that should I ever do something about recording history I would attempt to tell the whole story, using the A and the NZ to spell ANZAC.

To my wife and family, who for 18 months have seen nothing of me except the back of my head framed by a computer screen, I say a big 'Thanks".

Finally, to all of the visitors, Guest book contributors and Digger Forum contributors.


Ted Harris, Webmaster

2 Million after only 15 months

16 April 2004. Digger History recorded it's 2 millionth page visitor today. The first million took 11 months. The second took 6 months. Thanks to all involved.

3 Million page visitors after 19 months

19 August 2004. Today, the site logged it's 3 millionth page visitor. The first million took 11 months. The second took 6 months. The 3rd took 4 months. Thanks to all.

2nd Birthday marked by the 3,850,000 page visitor milestone.

4 Million page visitors in 2 years and 12 days.

23 Nov 2004. Today marked our 4 millionth page visitor. It took 96 days from the 3 million mark at an average of 10,416 per day. We now have 1,786 pages. Thanks to all.

5 Million page visitors in 2 years 3 months 12 days

23 Feb 2005. Today marked our 5 millionth page visitor. It took 92 days (3 months) from the 4 million mark. Thanks to all.

6 Million page visitors in 2 years 5 months 8 days

19 April 2005. Today our 6 millionth page visitor dropped in. This was 55 days from the 5 million mark. Again my thanks to all. That is an average daily in excess of 18,000 for this period and 6,400 since we started.

7 Million page visits in 2 years 6 months and 28 days

10 June 2005. Today marked our 7 millionth page visitor. That is 51 days since the 6 million mark.

8 million page visits in 2 years, 9 months, 9 days

20 Aug 2005. Our 8,000,000th page visitor dropped in today. That is 71 days since the 7 million mark. That means that from 19 Aug 2004 to 20 Aug 2005 5 million pages visits were logged.

9 Million page visits in 2 years 11 months & 10 days

21 Oct 2005. We reached the 9 million page visitor mark, 62 days after the 8 million mark.

10 Million page visits in 3 years 1 month & 1 day

12 Dec 2005. We welcomed our 10 millionth page visitor, 52 days after the 9 millionth.

11 Million page visits in 3 years 2 months & 19 days

30 Jan 2006. Today saw the 11 million page visitor. 49 days since the 10 million mark.

   Explaining Statistics.

  • There are many statistics available to judge the performance of a site or a page.
    • Each page can be counted separately or you can count all visitors to the site.
      • I choose to count total visitors to the site.
  • You can choose to count each visitor as 1 regardless of the number of pages he looks at or you can count a visitor who look at 5 pages as "5 page visits".
    • I count page visits in the belief that someone who looks at 5 pages is more interested than someone who looks at 1. I need to know how much interest there is in the viewing audience for my project. (I invest huge amounts of time into it, if it is of little interest to people I can go and improve my golf handicap).
  • A visitor who comes back for a second visit can be ignored or counted.
    • I count returning visitors for 2 reasons:
      • They are casting a vote of confidence if they return so should not be ignored.
      • With a very large site (over 2,000 pages) it is impossible for a visitor to take in the whole site in one sitting.
        • Not counting visitors who have been before requires that I put a "cookie" on your machine to mark you as a previous visitor. I HATE COOKIES, so I am not going to start adding them to your machine. (if you know what a cookie is you probably agree, if you don't you should find out, NOW, and then find out how many hundreds are already on your machine).
  • You can count "hits" or "page views". 
    • I count "page views". For this reason:
      • A "hit" is recorded every time the programme pulls down text or an image. If a page has 12 images and 24 bullets on it the "hits" will number, in total, 37. 1 for the text file, 12 for the image files and 24 for the bullet files.
        • At that rate, if I counted "hits" I could claim hundreds of millions. As it is I claim only what the Microsoft FrontPage counter recognises as page views, and that does NOT include large versions of an image, or bullets or images. Just text files.
  • There can be (and usually is) a big difference between the results of different counters. 
    • The chart below, from Cpanel, shows that a respected third-party counter lists Digger History at 7.63 million page visits in 2005 up to mid September. The FrontPage counter that I use only claims 8.4 million since November 2002.
The accompanying charts shows the HUGE difference between "hits" and "files" and "pages". As you can see "pages" is the lowest number. In the time  Jan 2005 to mid-Sep 2005 Digger had nearly 84 million "hits" from 1.8 million visitors who looked at 7.63 million pages.


Statistics : Over 35 million page visitors since  11 Nov 2002  



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