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Propaganda is not inherently either bad or good. Propaganda is, after all, just another term for state organised advertising. If the state and its aims are good then the propaganda is good. If the state and it's aims are evil then so is the propaganda.
Pre World War 1

On these pages there are things that are not strictly speaking propaganda because they were not organised by the state but because of their nature they fit fairly well into the general definition of advertising of a patriotic nature.

Some of the items might more accurately be described as recruiting posters. In any way of looking at it they are still state advertising that is war related.  

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This hand painted canvas measures 60 x 36 inches. It was found rolled up in the Woombye Community hall on the Sunshine Coast (QLD). The canvas appears to be WW2 vintage and has wooden supports at either end. It is not known what USAS stands for, nor what sort of vouchers it refers to.

German Propaganda Posters

This poster is a 1915 German propaganda poster related to German upset over the L'Entente Cordiale agreement of 1904.

It shows a depiction of Britain as a huge spider attacking "Turquie" (Turkey) while eating a French soldier and  with a German eagle sitting regally and proudly overhead, Uncle Sam and two others tied up in web in background. Note the German submarine in the Sea of Marmora.  

The Entente Cordiale was a diplomatic agreement signed in 1904 by France and Great Britain which adjusted the colonial disputes between the two countries, and paved the way for Anglo-French co-operation against German expansion in Europe and in the colonial world.

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