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Proposal for recognition of those who die in Service 16 May 05
28 Oct 06 Additions FAQ 301-350
Update Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) & Army Combat Badge (ACB)
2 Oct 06 New site Badges and histories of HM Services 1939/45
1 Oct 06 3 new pages Cigarette cards of the Army Corps & Brigade signs WW1
12 Sep 06 Alterations Alterations to 82nd Airborne and 101st Airborne uniforms.
7 Sep 06 New page Japanese infantryman's uniform WW2
6 Sep 06 New site One Man's War: Capt S J McKenzie, 2/31st Infantry Bn AIF
1 Sep 06 New site Insignia of the forces that took part in the Korean War
28 Aug 06 New page Beechey Boys; War took five of eight sons, another was crippled.
24 Aug 06 New site "He's In The Paratroops Now", a WW2 American publication.
22 Aug 06 New details Details of Vietnamese medals approved in 2004 for Long Tan.
New page Unit shoulder patches, RAAF, RAN & others, Malaya & SVN
21 Aug 06 New page The Malayan Emergency. 2RAR 1956/57
20 Aug 06 New page "I Am A Doughboy": WW2 American Infantry recruit brochure
15 Aug 06 New page Hamilton's first Gallipoli Despatch
11 Aug 06 New page The History of the Anzac Star, later called Gallipoli Star
7 Aug 06 New page German to English Place-name Changes, WW1
25 Jul 06 New page Shout VC MC medal group including 2006 sale details.
New page War in Korea; The UN flexes its muscles
18 Jul 06 New site Bougainville Notebook. The whole campaign, heavily illustrated
10 Jul 06 New page Norforce Presented with Inaugural Queens & Regimentals
8 Jul 06 New page RSM wins Military Cross WO1 MacKenzie of the 46th Bn AIF
7 Jul 06 New site The Man with the Donkey  Simpson at Gallipoli
New page Gallipoli Money Overprinted British Treasury Notes
New page Glorious Gallipoli An overview of the Dardanelles Campaign
22 Jun 06 New page 1943 model slouch hat Detailed photos.
10 Jun 06 New site Combat Uniforms of The World, post WW2
8 Jun 06 New site Queen's & Regimental Colours, Guidons & Standards of the C'wealth
5 Jun 06 New page Turkish defences in the Kirectepe area of Suvla, Gallipoli
3 Jun 06 New page Turkish Cemetery in Anzac area Karayörük Valley
New page Turkish cemetery in Anzac area Çataldere Şehitliği
New page More detailed photos of Gully Ravine Gallipoli
2 Jun 06 New site White Ensign. The RAN at War in 1939/45 (WW2, WWII)
31 May 06 New page "They Shared The Burden"...Gallipoli headstones
29 May 06 New site The book produced by WW2 WAAAF; They Wrote It Themselves
27 May 06 New page Uniform of Captain in the Imperial Japanese Army
25 May 06 New site RAAF. The Golden Years...1921-1971
18 May 06 New page The Specialist & The Amateur (not military history, just fun)
16 May 06 New page Sands of Gallipoli 2006 Collection
13 May 06 New image Russian sniper from WW2 Another "Captains Courageous" image.
30 Apr 06 New page Non Australian slouch hats, page 5
Alterations The section dealing with slouch hats has been revamped.
26 Apr 06 New sub-site The Featherston Military Training Camp NZ
New image New image of a German paratrooper of WW2
10 Apr 06 New sub-site The Story of The Anzacs A book from 1917, illustrated.
5 Apr 06 New page Militia Conditions of Service WW2
New series 1937 Pattern Webbing Equipment (Australian modified)
3 Apr 06 New page Handley Page Halifax, WW2 heavy bomber RAF RAAF
Alterations Uniforms of Nazi Germany  Page 2
26 Mar 06 New page 5 Months at Anzac 4th Field Ambulance AIF at Gallipoli
24 Mar 06 Revamped The entire Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) has been revamped.
22 Mar 06 Revamped Regiment Badges of the Australian Army has been revamped.
New page 1916 Presentation of A Colour to 44th Bn AIF
19 Mar 06 New series Radio At War in WW2 The importance of communications at all levels.
New page Details of the Russians who fought in the AIF at Gallipoli
New page Gladiator Helmet WW1 experimental version from USA
18 Mar 06 Updates Improvements to images on German Uniforms of WW2 & Page 2
16 Mar 06 New site Coastal Command. The story of a 'forgotten' force of brave men
15 Mar 06 New page

VD warning for the Army A WW2 pamphlet

New page Cushman Auto Glide Motor Scooter for Airborne Troops
11 Mar 06 New image Uniform of the Fallschirmjäger of WW2 (German paratroops).
9 Mar 06 Milestone Digger History passed 12 million page visitors today
8 Mar 06 Milestone The Anzac Book passed the 15,000 page visitors mark today
Milestone The Anzac Story passed the 10,000 page visitor mark today
6 Mar 06 New page 1st Parachute Regiment 1944 tunic
New page 503rd Parachute Regiment, US Army in WW2
3 Mar 06 New series Australian Army at War 1939/1944 An Official History
Milestone Today Digger History went over the 4,000 page mark.
2 Mar 06 New series US Army Facts & Insignia WW1
New series Badges & Their Meanings 1916 British Empire
1 Mar 06 New site Campaign in Greece. A history of the Anzacs in Greece 1941. 57 pages
26 Feb 06 New Forum Today the new and permanent Digger Forum was installed.
24 Feb 06 New page Presentation of a new Queen's Colour, HMAS Cerberus
18 Feb 06 New page Defence of Stalingrad
New page Defence of Moscow
New booklet US Army in Action, WW2 (WW II), a booklet
17 Feb 06 New page The Irish Rifle Volunteers of Australia and New Zealand
16 Feb 06 New site USA in World War 1 (The AEF)
15 Feb 06 New site German Naval Uniforms & badges WW2
12 Feb 06 New site USA in WW2. The USN, US Army, USAAF, USMC & Coast Guard
12 Feb 06 New site Back to Blighty. A Soldiers' Guide to London 1916
10 Feb 06 New page Multinational Selection of medals, badges, uniforms & flags
10 Feb 06 New site The Times History of the War (WW1, Middle East/Egypt)
9 Feb 06 New page 50 Facts About The United States Marine Corps (USMC)
8 Feb 06 New page Turkish Army WW1 from The Times History of the War
4 Feb 06 New site New Zealand at the Front 1917. (180 pages, 109 illustrations)
1 Feb 06 Upgrade New upgrade and new images on Uniforms of USSR.
30 Jan 06 Milestone Today we passed the 11 million page visitor mark.
28 Jan 06 New part-page Details of the original members of the UN, 1943
  New details Details on new navigation aids for 2006
22 Jan 06 New series American Expeditionary Force (AEF) Our comrades in arms in WW1.
21 Jan 06 New audio A cynical Vietnam era song about a War Correspondent.
20 Jan 06 New site Uniforms & insignia of NATO countries 1962
19 Jan 06 New series US Serviceman's Pocket Guide to Australia, WW2 10 pages.
18 Jan 06 New series Badges of Canada (WW2) Navy, Army, Air Force 4 pages.
New page Post WW2 NZ General's tunic with Sam Browne.  A 2 war Officer.
New page Colour patches; American Expeditionary Force (AEF) WW1
New page Colour patches of the US Armed Forces 1945
17 Jan 06 New page NSDAP (Nazi Party) Badges & Medals Page 2
16 Jan 06 Update Full revamp for the History of National Service in Australia page
15 Jan 06 New site Daredevils of the Skies: True Tales of Famous Australian Airmen
12 Jan 06 Update Full revamp of Italian military uniforms of WW2 (WWII)
New section 25 Strange facts from WW2
10 Jan 06 New series The German Army 1914-1918 in Pictures 10 pages including
The German Air Force 1914-1918  and
The Austro-Hungarian Army 1914-1918 
9 Jan 06 New site A Soldier's Guide to the Japanese Army 1944
8 Jan 06 New series Know Your War Planes.1943 by the Coca Cola Company 9 pages
3 Jan 06 New article Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal (HOSM)
2 Jan 06 New series Comics as an Army Training Aid. Saluting & Flag courtesy 7 pages
1 Jan 06 2005 Report

The Cpanel usage report for 2005 shows Digger History had 

  •     2,522,153 individual visitors who looked at

  •   10,567,249 pages or

  • 103,158,891 files and logged a total of 

  • 114,726,692 hits

These stats are For Digger History only, not the Associate sites.


 Happy New Year To All

30 Dec 05 New series. 8 pages in the series Mines and Booby Traps in Vietnam (Index page)
Mine Warfare as waged by the Viet Cong
Counter measures to Viet Cong mine warfare
Mine & booby trap indicators used by the Viet Cong
Anti-personnel mines & booby traps used by VC & NVA
Non explosive booby traps used by the Viet Cong & NVA
Anti tank mines used by the Viet Cong & NVA
Anti helicopter mines used by the Viet Cong & NVA
28 Dec 05 New page The Australian Army montage 1901-2001
22 Dec 05 New page Unofficial Australian military cloth badges (commercial).
19 Dec 05 New page Gau Badges and badges of the NSDAP (Nazi Party)
18 Dec 05 New page Orbats of Gallipoli Forces (inc Anzac, 1915)
New page Australian Army Protocol Manual 1999
13 Dec 05 New page Uniforms of Belgium WW1
New page New Uniforms for Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC), 2005
12 Dec 05 Milestone Today we welcomed our 10 millionth page visitor
10 Dec 05 New details Now 3,491 pages on Digger History and it's Associate sites. 
8 Dec 05 New page 1st Commando Regt; The Green Berets
8 Dec 05 New page Boer War era Military Musicians Uniform
7 Dec 05 New audio A Company Commander looks back to Vietnam D/4RAR/NZ ANZAC Bn.
7 Dec 05 New audio A Company 2ic remembers Vietnam Delta 4RAR/NZ ANZAC Bn
7 Dec 05 New page Captain Percival Landon Bazeley; Australia's WW2 Penicillin hero
6 Dec 05 New page First of the "Bunker Busters", the LILO
3 Dec 05 New page American Volunteer Group "The Flying Tigers". (USA/China)
1 Dec 05 New page The 1908 Pattern Infantry Web Equipment (webbing). WW1 issue
23 Nov 05 New site "OVER THERE" with the Australians, Capt R Hugh Knyvett
22 Nov 05 New page Japanese uniforms of WW1
17 Nov 05 New page Evan Allan; Australia's last active WW I serviceman
9 Nov 05 New page The Colours of 1 RNZIR
1 Nov 05 New page Field Marshal Rt Hon William "Bill" Slim, aka Viscount Slim
28 Oct 05 New logo Eric l'Artista designed a new logo for the site's 3rd birthday
25 Oct 25 New page The Mountie: RCMP uniform from WW2 where they saw active service
15 Oct 05 New page Sergeant Olive Kelso King
13 Oct 05 New page 90th Anniversary Anzac coinage
12 Oct 05 New page Rhodesia: Ops. Agila & Midford: The Empire's Last Sunset
New page Girl Gunner NZ: In the Footsteps of Their Fathers
10 Oct 05 New page How the Kiwi's got their Lemon Squeezer back
New page Mangonui Mounted Rifle Volunteers Northland New Zealand
5 Oct 05 New page Henderson & His Donkey: the Untold Story
New page Uniform of the Calgary Highlanders of Canada
29 Sep 05 New page Rt Hon. Sir John Grey Gorton, GCMG, AC, CH (RAAF)
New page Hon. Edward Gough Whitlam, AC, QC (RAAF)
24 Sep 05 New page France. French Foreign Legion uniform WW2 & French Air Force
23 Sep 05 Audio/video A Canadian tribute to veterans. A Pittance of Time.
22 Sep 05 New page Turkish Gallipoli Veteran
New page Turkish Gallipoli Art
20 Sep 05 New details Statistics and comments about this site.
New details There are now 50 Turkish War Memorials of Gallipoli listed with photos.
19 Sep 05 New page A .303 rifle, 1st Bn 5th Gurkhas, probably a Gallipoli relic.
16 Sep 05 New page Venereal Disease in the Services; Syphilis & Gonorrhea
15 Sep 05 New page The Order of the White Feather of Cowardice
5 Sep 05 New image Long Range Desert Group "uniform"
New page

Zeitoun Training Base Egypt

New series Gallipoli propaganda & advertising on cigarette cards
New page 101 things you might not know about Gallipoli
New page Details on barbed wire entanglements

21 Aug 05

Upgrade All images improved on Captains Courageous
New pages  many new pages on Graveyards of Gallipoli
20 Aug 05 Milestone Today marks our 8 millionth page visitor. 71 days for the latest million.
15 Aug 05 New series New series of pages on Cigarette Cards of Anzac
New page The Story of Anzac Jack, an NZer in the AIF
New page Private Vilipate, Niue Detachment Maori Battalion NZEF
New page  Warrant Officer Class 2 Carl Masters NZEF
New images Germany: Uniforms of the Wehrmacht
New page Aussies in Maadi 1916-19
New page  Balloons & Inflatable Aircraft of the Great War
30 Jul 05 New history The Story of the 21st Battalion AIF (official history)
20 Jul 05 New images 2 WW2 Polish soldiers added to "Captains Courageous".
New details All the VCs of Gallipoli. British, Aussie, NZ.
New details French Medals of the Gallipoli Campaign.
New details Turkish Medals of WW1
9 Jul 05 New page Aussies in Maadi 1916-19
4 Jul 05 New page USMC Gunnery Sergeant uniform 1981
New images 140 new images on Canadian CEF badges pages
3 Jul 05 New page Canadian Mounted Rifle Regiment badges & other mounted units
2 Jul 05 New page The .303 Rifle including Lee Enfield
1 Jul 05 New page Amiens Cathedral Tribute to the AIF
29 Jun 05 New pages Sub inspector (later Colonel) Thomas William Porter CB
Captain (later Colonel) William Bazire Messenger Taranaki Militia,
Captain (later Major) Thomas Broun 1st Regiment of Waikato Militia
27 Jun 05 New page Oaths Taken on Enlistment to AIF, AMF
26 Jun 05 New site Graveyards & Battlefields of Gallipoli
26 Jun 05 New page War Memorial, King's Park, Perth Western Australia
16 Jun 05 New page NZ Tomb of the Unknown Warrior
A History of the Poppy of Remembrance
15 Jun 05 New page Crete. Australian War Cemetery and Memorial
14 Jun 05 New page Australian Red Ensign Page 3
13 Jun 05 New page/s Japanese Orders, Awards, Badges and Medals (12 pages)
New page War cemeteries  of Germany
11 Jun 05 Additions Many new photos on Knives & machetes, Australian Army
New page Barbed wire "The Devil's Rope" & Bangalore Torpedoes
10 Jun 05 Milestone 7 Million page visits so far. Only 51 days for the latest million.
New page Weymouth in Dorset UK - ANZAC Memorial
9 Jun 05 New page Plaques of Australian & New Zealand military units Page 2
New image 1 new badge on King's Colonials Imperial Yeomanry
New page 1900 era British Diplomat's uniform and uniform cocked hat
4 Jun 05 Additions New FAQ on Frequently Asked Questions 251-300
29 May 05 New page Owen Machine Carbine (OMC) (Owen Submachine Gun), a history.
New page Revolvers of friend & foe, Australia
New page Pistols of friend and foe.
New page Flare (Verey) Pistols & Signal Pistols of the World
27 May 05 New site Details of an Aussie in Dunsterforce, WW1
26 May 05 New page New Zealand Colonial Uniforms
New page When we fought the French (Vichy in WW2)
New page  The Yanks in Oz in WW2 (photos)
New page New Zealand Aircrew uniforms
25 May 05 New page  Unofficial and semi-official victory medals
New page Lieutenant General Sir Stanley George Savige
New page Royal Naval  Division Battalion badges
20 May 05 New page "Legless" at the front line; WO2 H S Blackburn
19 May 05 New page Sister Kenny, WW1 nurse and polio fighter.
16-18 May

Sites down

4½ days offline as a result of server failure. Our host apologizes.
15 May 05 New page Memorial to Aussie and ARVN troops.
14 May 05 New page PG Taylor MC EGM, a hero in war & peace & Smithy's offsider
11 May 05 New article New details about the Bandicoot Armoured Cars
10 May 05 New site Dwyer of the 42nd. A soldier of the AN&MEF and the AIF
4 May 05 New page Group Captain C R "Killer" Caldwell, 1 Fighter Wing, RAAF
19 Apr 05 Milestone 6,000,000 page visitors passed today.
12 Mar 05 New site Digger History 2 went online today. (Anzacs of WW2)
11 Mar 05 Update The All Forces (uniforms) section has been updated
6 Mar 05 New page The Alexandra Henry rifle, the one we took to the Soudan
New details Total reorganisation of All Forces Uniforms section (new pics)
23 Feb Milestone Today we passed the 5,000,000 page visitor milestone.
2 Feb 05 New page German Weapons of WW2 Page 3
31 Jan 05 New page Iraq & Afghanistan cloth patches
New eBook ON GUARD with the Volunteer Defence Corps
New eBook SOLDIERING ON. Australian Army at home & overseas 1942
26 Jan 05 New site The Australian Soldier (WW2) a portrait by John Hetherington
23 Jan 05 New images 1 new badge, 1 new uniform on King's Colonials Imperial Yeomanry
22 Jan 05 New images Several Italian uniforms added to Uniforms from around the world.
19 Jan 05 New page Sanzac College at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Milestone Today we passed the 4.5 million page visitor mark
17 Jan 05 New page US 27th Div; A Yank's View of the Attack on the Hindenburg Line
New legals DiggerHistory.Info Inc is now a legal entity Incorporated in Queensland.
15 Jan 05 New page Joe (Joseph) Hak   (Hohepa Hakaria) RNZA; Mike Subritzky
New page The Recruit and other stories (NZ); Mike Subritzky
New page The 1967 Digger's Book of Humour
8 Jan 05 New page Australian Army Officer Cadet School (OCS) Portsea 1952-1985
New page Australian Army Officers Training Unit (OTU) Scheyville
NEW HOST Transfer to a new host should end "overuse" problems (hopefully)
6 Jan 05 New page Bridge on the River Kwai; the true story
New page Major General Sir William Throsby Bridges; Father of the AIF
New page Major General Sir John Gellibrand KCB "Father of Legacy"
New page Lieutenant General Sir Talbot Hobbs KCMG "The Memorial Man"
New page Major General Sir Charles Rosenthal KCB CMG DSO
New page Major General Ewen Sinclair-MacLagan CMG CB DSO 1st in at Gallipoli
4 Jan 05 New page: Uniforms of the Austro/Hungarian Empire
New page: Mena Camp Egypt. An AIF Training Base before Gallipoli Landings
New page: 1916 Australian Slouch Hat WW1
1 Jan 05 New page:  Burn the Flag? Not on MY watch, a**hole.
New page:  Military Quotations from Australia & around the world.

 See What's New? Archive 1 for earlier listings (25 Apr 03-31 Dec 04)

Statistics : Over 35 million page visitors since  11 Nov 2002  



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