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Category:1st AIF

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Zeitoun Training Base Egypt

Egypt and the Suez Canal: This map shows how the troops defending the Suez Canal could have been quickly reinforced from the training camps near Cairo.
Zeitoun, Cairo, Egypt, 1915. 

Walter Fisher and others of 3rdAuckland Regiment. "Dear Herb, Lena and  Joyce. Just a photo of my tent-mates. Notice my identity disk and Father's knife with which I hope to slice a few German sausages. Best Love and XX from Wallie  Fisher". 

Written 1915-04-07. AWM image & text. (Donor J.Wright)

Zeitoun, Egypt, c.1915. Camp fires and kitchen at Zeitoun near Cairo. (Donor W.M. Godbehear).

AWM image & text

A party of Australian Army Medical Corps reinforcements at Zietoun in 1915-12, awaiting orders to move off for Lemnos. Standing, from left to right; Ptes. R. Houghton, W.E. Stockdale, H.V. Telfer, H. Stinton, W. W. Meiklejohn,- J.P. McIntyre,-. Sitting; Ptes. W. Percival H. Gibson, W. Sykes, F. Lapsley and G.B.G. Maitland. (donated by Pte. M.E. McCarthy, 2nd Aust. Stationary Hospital.)
Zeitoun, Egypt, 1916. 7601 Francis Albert Corbett of the 1st Motor Transport Company driving a Field Ambulance referred to as a "Chinese Rolls Royce". (Donor: Mrs. M. Howe)
Zeitoun, Egypt. c. 1916.

 A line of sleeping huts at an AIF training camp. (Donor Mrs C. Chapman) AWM image.

The Officers' Mess at the Zeitoun School of Instruction. The officers' class consisted of the subalterns of the 6th Infantry Brigade. Note the pot plants along the pathway.

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