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Category: Badges

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Staff Sergeant; A history of the rank and some examples of the badge

  • The badge of rank of a Staff Sergeant (S/Sgt)  (SSGT) in the Army is a set of 3 chevrons surmounted by a crown.
  • There is no equivalent rank in RAN or RAAF. The similar looking badge in RAAF is Flight Sergeant which equates with Warrant Officer Class 2.
  • Originally the rank of Staff Sergeant referred to a Sergeant on the Staff, that is, someone in the full time administration section of the Army when most of the Army was part time volunteers or militia. 
  • It was and still is the most senior sergeant rank. Promotion above S/Sgt is to Warrant Officer. As the Army became a fully paid, full time occupation the rank changed a little from being a Sergeant on Staff to being the way a senior sergeant was recognised.
  • In Australia the Army rank of Staff Sergeant is, in the Infantry, usually the rank of the CQMS, the Company Quarter Master Sergeant. He is in charge of the sub-Unit's weapons and equipment. 
  • He answers to the RQMS (Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant, usually a WO2) and the QM (Quarter Master) who is usually a Major.

Rank badge of an Australian Staff Sergeant on DPCU material >>>

In the UK the difference is that various different devices are used to indicate Branch of Service as well as rank. The badges below are UK. Details and images from CWO Herbert H "Sarge" Booker 2nd
Staff Sergeant ATO S/Sgt Gun Layer S/Sgt Gunnery Instructor
S/Sgt Musketry Instructor S/Sgt Physical Training S/Sgt Royal Engineers
S/Sgt Rifle Regts S/Sgt Royal Tank Regt. S/Sgt Signals
S/Sgt "A" Trades S/Sgt Air Dispatcher S/Sgt Anti Tank

A pair of Royal Artillery badges (opposed) for a Staff Sergeant .

S/Sgt Medical Corps S/Sgt Artificer S/Sgt Rifle Regiment
S/Sgt Riding Instructor S/Sgt Wheelwright S/Sgt Bugler

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