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Category: Badges

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Hat Cap Collar & Shoulder Badges of New Zealand

many images from Phillip James, New Zealand

If you can provide a colour photo to replace any B&W I would appreciate it

  • This badge was first worn by the NZEF on their well known 'slouch' hats. 

It illustrates a fern leaf, the emblem of New Zealand and the same design on a smaller scale was worn by the NZ Staff Officers as a collar badge.

<< Nurses also had a lapel badge version that had more of a curve to it.

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This badge was specially designed for the New Zealanders resident in UK in the early stages of WW1. They formed a unit of the original New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF). 

It later became recognised and accepted as the 'universal' badge and was worn by the NZ Contingent in the Empire Parade, 9th November 1915 in London

  • Note. If you compare the "Onward" badge to the current RNZIR badge     >>>  
    • it is easy to see the history. 

  • Of course the fern leaf motif had been used many times before in many ways. This badge is a privately made badge for the NZ Veterans of the South African War.

photo Tony McCabe

Unusual silver "Silver Fern" badge from WW1 with a star between the "N" and the "Z". Exact origin not known.

HUGE 3 long FERNLEAF hat badge of the NZMR

This is a Boer War version of the Fern-leaf hat badge. It is 70 cm (3 inches) long.
NZ Army badge, worn by senior officers and WO1ís in certain command appointments. 

It was due to become the NZ Army badge for all units, but it wasnít a popular choice and the Army has retained specific Corps and Regiment badges.

Unidentified, possibly not military.

The silver fern was used by many organisations, not just the military.

These are currently unidentified versions, possibly Scouts or Guides in some cases.

<<< New Zealand Labor Party circa 1930.

Record of NZEF in the Great War (poster)

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