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Some of the Badges of the Royal Australian Navy

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Cap badge of a Chief Petty Officer (CPO)
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RAN Submariner's Badge

Petty Officers cloth rank badge Chief Stokers cloth badge Chief Stokers cloth badge with bullion embroidery Chief Stokers cloth badge

These 6  badges are associated with the service of  Petty Officer Stoker R D Gilmore, Royal Australian Navy.

The word stoker harks back to the days when ships were driven by coal fired burners creating steam and the fires had to be stoked by hand. Men shovelled coal into huge furnaces to create the heat needed.

Petty Officers badge with three good conduct stripes Petty Officers badge with bullion embroidery and three good conduct stripes
Clearance Diving Branch Diving Team 1 Diving Team 4 Diving Team 5

 All clearance diver photos supplied by Ian Shrallow

Click to enlarge << Mine clearance diving officer

Basic Clearance diver (historical)

current basic diver rating, summer and winter uniforms

Unofficial basic diver

CPO Clearance Diver CPO Clearance Diver CPO Clearance Diver (historical)
DPCU Clearance Divers badges

<< Diver

CPO Diver >>

  • (US) Meritorious Unit Commendation 

    • to RAN Clearance Diving Team Three


The 4 foot long streamer (below) belongs to the ship and the badge of the citation (above) is worn by all sailors in the unit at the time.

RAN Reserves lapel badge

RAN parachutists badge

RAN 75th Anniversary

Image Hosting by Vendio

Naval cap tallies (ribbon badges) of the Royal Australian Navy.

WW1 vintage RAN button with Tudor crown.

RAN Band?

<<< Badge worn by the RAN Bridging Train, Gallipoli ???
Naval Men's Association of Aust

Many RAN and colonial badges can be see in the Buttons section

Unidentified Navy badge Royal Navy Friendly Union of Sailor's Wives

RAN Sweetheart badge

Royal Aussie Navy Principal Warfare Officers badge, worn only by qualified PWOs on ships.

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