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Category: Medals

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NSDAP (Nazi) Party Badges & Medals Page 2

Some badges that started off as "Rally Badges" or "Day Badges" (tinnies) for limited short term local use only were later elevated to the status of official Party badges of the NSDAP. These are some of them.

The 1919/1923 Schlageter Badge A meeting badge from Düsseldorf on 26. 27. of May, 1934 in honour of ALBERT LEO SCHLAGETER, a Nazi martyr who died in 1923 after blowing up a bridge in France. Schlageter become a National hero overnight &  became a propaganda tool for the growing Nazi Party.  Schlageter was executed by the French for his action.

1st Pattern "SA Treffen Braunschweig 17/18 Oktober 1931"

2nd Pattern "SA Treffen Braunschweig 17/18 Oktober 1931"

1932 1st Reich Jugendtag ( Youth Day) badge

Nurnberg (Nuremberg) Rally badge 1929

NSDAP Kreistreffren 1933 DÖBELN 

NSDAP Service medals. Bronze (10 years) Gold (25 years) Silver (15 years)

NSDAP Service Medal (bronze) as above, for detail


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