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Category: Badges

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Hat Badges from Canada

  • Like Australia, Canada formed a "new" Army to fight in WW1. It was called the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF). It did fine work in France & Flanders, often alongside the Anzacs.
  • Many of these units were designated as the "Overseas Battalion" of an existing Regiment. Others were brand new.
  • These badges make up the bulk of the images in this section. They start at CEF  

The General Service badge of the CEF

Canadian Tri-Service collar badge  

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As with Australia's AIF and New Zealand's NZEF, the CEF wore distinguishing colour patches on the upper arm of tunics and other uniforms.

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  • Most Canadian badges were based on Canadian flora or fauna. There are 2 standout exceptions. They are of particular interest to Australians.

The 'Rising Sun" badge (circa. 1920) of the 5th British Columbia Light Horse

<<< The kangaroo badge of the WW2 Canadian Unit, 1st Canadian Armoured (Personnel) Carrier Regiment
  • A third badge of interest to Aussies is a mix of Canadian flora and fauna with a Rising Sun background.


  • This Canadian Regiment, The Westminster Regiment, uses a stylized Rising Sun behind the traditional maple leaf with a Canadian beaver in the foreground.
This is an Officer's set of insignia, privately purchased, for the Duke of Connaught's Own which was part of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) in WW1.

There are 2 collar badges, 1 hat badge and two shoulder titles.

Hat and collar badge set for the Canadian Unit, British Columbia Hussars

[Canadian Military Badges]

Badges of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1918.

Over 500 distinctive badges were designed and issued to Canadian soldiers during the First World War.


Collar dogs Winnipeg Genadiers 2 Construction Bn. CEF
 Chaplain (collar) blackened Chaplain (hat) blackened
43 Bn CEF Cameron Highlanders of Canada

Army Physical Training Corps, not the Cadet Instructor List, the badge is similar, however, the Cadet badge has crossed crusader swords in place of cutlasses on the PTC Badge

Cameron Highlanders of Canada Brockville Rifles (collar badge)
Canadian Guards  4th Pioneers CEF

Brockville Rifles Queen's Rangers 1st American

The Mont Royale Fusiliers Grey & Simcoe Foresters

Intelligence Corps of Canada Le Regiment Maisonneuve

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