Unofficial history of the Australian & New Zealand Armed Services 

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  • The name 'ARMY Today' should not give anyone the impression that I am moving away from the basic principle that this is a HISTORY site. 

  • It is not my job or desire to try to bring you the latest up to date details of the Defence Dept or the Australian Army.

  • These pages are to provide the history of the units that are still serving or that have grown from previous units. 

  • Most of the units covered in other pages were AIF so that at the end of the war they were disbanded.

  • These units soldier on. Ready to go 'in harms way'. Ready and able to make history themselves.

  • These current units have a proud heritage. 

  • Click a link and see for yourself . . .

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Digger History:  an unofficial history of the Australian & New Zealand Armed Forces