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Click to enlarge 1943-01-27. Jettisoned. This Italian Auto Linda AB41 armoured car was one of hundreds left behind by the fleeing Axis troops in Libya. (negative by F. Hurley).

1941-05-03. Tobruk. Members of the No 1 Recovery Section of the 2/1 Aust. Field Workshops towing Italian Carro veloce CV33 Tankettes to their workshops from the common dump of Italian captured vehicles. (negative by F. Hurley).

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Click to enlarge Western Desert. Australian soldiers examining an abandoned early model Italian Carro Armato M11/39 medium tank. (donor N. Reynolds)
Click to enlarge These captured Italian tanks were adorned with a kangaroo logo and used against their former owners by men of the 6th Division 

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The self propelled gun Fiat Ansaldo 75/18 M13/40 Semovente 75mm  

The only quite effective Italian armoured vehicle of WW2 was the Self propelled gun 75/18. It was not a real tank but a tank destroyer with  tiny armour. It's 75mm gun was a reliable, modern weapon and was very dangerous even for the best British/Allied tanks.



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