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Click to enlarge Gratitude for liberating their Red Sea regional areas from Italian forces was often so profound that local rulers presented the Captain & ship's company with rural gifts such as goats. Here sporting his ceremonial naval sword , Harry welcomes one such official.
Click to enlarge Recent Olympic Games scenes of Sydney Harbour Bridge can't beat this of wartime HMAS Hobart.


Click to enlarge King George V
Click to enlarge Details of this Yangtze River gunboat, HMS Mantis and her skipper are on the enlargement of the photo
Click to enlarge Photos recently discovered at Howden's old NZ family home Furneaux at Endeavour Inlet - now a fine National Park resort.
Click to enlarge Zeila, bombed by the Hobart's Walrus. Details on the photo. Click the thumbnail.
Click to enlarge Here's Howden holding reunion court on stripped HMAS Hobart's final hours in Sydney Harbour before she's towed to Japan as ignominious scrap.
Click to enlarge HMAS Hobart sails out 1938.

Displacement: 6,830 tons Speed: 32.5kt Complement: 550

Armament: Eight 6 inch guns in pairs. Eight 4 inch anti-aircraft guns in pairs and twelve 0.5 inch machine guns in fours. Eight 21 inch torpedo tubes in pairs and 1 aircraft.


Click to enlarge The damage caused by the torpedo strike.
Click to enlarge Hobart in dry dock, undergoing repairs after being torpedoed.
Click to enlarge Hobart in Malta Harbour
Click to enlarge H.M.A.S. Hobart 1944 by Brian Wood
Click to enlarge "Slow Ahead" by Randall Wilson

H.M.A.S Hobart glides past Mount Fuji for the surrender ceremony with USS Missouri in the Background. Tokyo Bay 1945.


Click to enlarge At sea. Salvage operation underway following the crashing of the cruiser HMAS Hobart's plane, a Seagull V (A2-1), into the side of the ship after the aircraft had landed on the water. Note the aircraft's damaged left wing. (Original print housed in the AWM Archive Store) (Donor N. Trembath)
Click to enlarge The Seagull in happier times, flying over "mother".
Click to enlarge At sea. BORNEO Area. 22 June 1945. Lieutenant Commander F N COOK, RAN, Commander of  HMAS HOBART.

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