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This is the story of a highly successful Australian cruiser, HMAS Hobart (formerly HMS Apollo) and her Kiwi/Australian Captain.

It is a story untold because she was successful. We seem to fill our history books with and direct our interest towards the unfortunate boats. The ones that sink or disappear. Their story is vitally important but just as we mourn our losses so too should we celebrate our successes. Hobart and Howden allow us to do that.

These pages tell the Hobart/Howden story from the view-point of Dr Pat Howden of Queensland, who is the son of Hobart's skipper. I will get out of the way and let him tell it.

I will say, in leaving, that I am happy to have been able to help with the presentation of this fascinating part of Australia's Naval History, 

Ted Harris Webmaster.


Most other wording for the section about Hobart supplied by Dr Pat ffyske Howden, BackYard TEch, Cone St, Macleay Island Q 4184 Australia. Tel /fax: (07) 34095100

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