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How to contribute to this site

  • The history of the Australian Armed Services is far too big a project for any one person to do unassisted. 
  • At the same time there are many people who have a contribution to make 
    • that may not be large enough for a web-site of its own  or 
    • they may prefer to have their material in a central spot where it is sure to get an audience.
  • There are three ways to contribute.
    • Single items
      • Send a photo or a text message about some part of the history and I will include it in a suitable page.
    • Multi items
      • Send a series of photos and some relevant text and I will make a page for it on its own but as part of the overall, fully indexed and in the familiar colour scheme and layout.
    • Associate sites
      • Send enough for a full, small site or list an existing site and I will create or copy your site in the familiar colour scheme and layout with full linking and indexing. This will not affect your site merely mirror it as part of this site.
  • The whole thing is easy but there are a few guidelines
    • Please avoid sending original photos or documents. 
      • Send copies and if you want them back send a stamped self addressed envelope
    • It is best to email any material you have as that is the cheapest and safest way
    • Do not send anything that is covered by Copyright held by someone else or 
      • if you do make me aware of it so that I can seek approval to use or stay within Copyright laws.
    • Do not send anything that is not related to the Australian military and it's enemies. 
      • There are many fine British and American units that deserve a history but it cannot be here. Photos are different. I will accept any photo of any allied force and use it if possible.
Please remember that this is a work of tribute and is totally unfunded with the exception of our great sponsor who pays for the cost of the web-site server. No other money is involved.  It is totally voluntary and part time so help if you can, please.

I don't want your money but I do want your contribution of photos, stories, anecdotes or history items.


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