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The Regimental & Queen's Colours of the 28th Battalion RWAR. Although the photographer has placed the Colours on the wrong side for the photo I feel sure that the CO of the Unit will have the problem rectified soon.
Click to enlarge These are recently produced representations of the Sovereign's & Regimental Colours of the 80th Regiment of Foot, The Staffordshire Volunteers who served in Australia from 1837 to 1844.

Be aware that they contain several inaccuracies, including the red stripes on the Union Jack and size of the central ring.

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The Queen's & Regimental Colours of the 11th Infantry Battalion bearing the Battle Honours of the 11th Battalion AIF

The Colour of the 49th Infantry Battalion bearing the Battle Honours of the 49th Battalion AIF. This Colour is on display at the AWM.

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