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New RAR flag to fly on Anzac Day 2004

By Major Keith Fraser

The RAR's RSM, WO1 Paul Tyrell and Adjutent ,School of Infantry (SoI) Captain Sisto Bernardo make ready to "fly" the regimental flag for the first time on Anzac Day 2004. The flag design was officially approved by AHQ in 2003.  Photo provided by Major Keith Fraser, SoI
EMBLAZONED with the RAR's, "Duty First" the new regimental flag will be flown officially for the first time on Anzac Day 2004. Many RAR Associations have unofficially flown locally manufactured flags in the past, but it was not until 2003 that AHQ officially approved the flag design.

Receiving the Royal assent on March 23, 1949 and as each battalion was raised from 1949 to 1972, the nine full-time infantry battalions flew their own officially assigned and distinctively coloured unit flag. Although each unit flag is adorned with the regiment's Skippy badge as the flag's regimental device, there was no one regimental flag. This changed in 2003 when a three-stripe scarlet, rifle green and scarlet regimental flag was authorised.

When selecting the date on which the flag would be officially flown for the first time, the regimental colonel, Brig Chris Appleton, said that there were many significant and important historical events in the regimental calendar. He cited examples such as the battle honours of Korea (Samichon, Maryan San and Kapyong) and South Vietnam (Coral-Balmoral and Long Tan) to name but a few.

The RAR's November 23 birthday was also a consideration but he decided on Anzac Day as it is that one day of the year when members of the Regiment remember their forebears from all campaigns.

The flag will be flown at RHQ at Lone Pine Barracks, Singleton, as well as in each of the six remaining full-time battalion locations in Darwin, Townsville, Brisbane and Sydney.



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