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Army Air Corps (British)

The Guidon bears the Corps Badge as the main device, with the AAC monogram in two of the four corners.   

The remaining corners show, top left, the badge of the Glider Pilot Regiment and lower right, that of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, to commemorate the founding constituents of the modern Corps.  

Emblazoned are the Theatre Honours awarded to the Army Air Corps: "Falkland Islands 1982" and "Gulf 1991".

Traditionally, the carrying of a Guidon or Colour remained the exclusive privilege of those who fought face to face with the enemy, namely the Cavalry and the Infantry.  On May 10th 1994 in recognition of its role on the modern battlefield, Her Majesty The Queen was graciously pleased to authorise the grant of a Guidon to the The Army Air Corps, and the emblazoning of Honours on it.

Halifax Rifles (Canada)

Motto: Cede Nullis (Yield to none)

Canada's Halifax Rifles are one of the few Units in the Commonwealth that have both Colours and a Guidon. 

This is because the Unit started as a Rifle Unit entitled to Colours and later in it's regimental life was reassigned as an Armoured Corps unit so it became entitled to a Guidon.

The Fort Garry Horse (Canada)



Fort Garry Horse Regimental Guidon

<< A US Artillery Unit's Guidon from the American Civil War era.

An early US Infantry Guidon >>

In the US, particularly in the Civil War era, non mounted units used guidons as Company, Battalion and Battery flags. They had none of the prestige of the Guidons that were used as "Colours". They were never meant to be and never became anything other than 'working' flags.

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