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Royal Military College of Canada

Queen's Colour The Dedication  Regimental Colour
The year 2001 marks the 125th anniversary of the Royal Military College of Canada. Since 1876, RMC contributed to Canada's rich military history by developing officers who have served their country exemplifying the motto of the College, "Truth, Duty, Valour". This important milestone has been celebrated through number of significant events that have occurred over the course of this year. One such event was the consecration of new Colours (flags) for the College, on Saturday 29th September 2001.
A unit's Colours are the focus of its pride and are treated with an outmost religious veneration, reverence and respect. As such, the consecration of new Colours is a very important event in a unit's history. It was therefore fitting the RMC's 125th anniversary celebrations include the consecration of new Colours.

 Plans are now being made to "lay up" the old Colours for display at Kingston City Hall, in a ceremony sometime in the late fall.                                           RMC Badge>>

The original regulation in the Canadian Forces stated that the consecration of Colours had to be carried out by a revered religious figure. Since the Royal Military College of Canada reflects Canadian society by its mosaic of different ethnic groups, cultures and faith traditions we believed it was necessary for this celebration to have a multi faith spirit. As such, our consecration ceremony included the main religions represented at the College. Namely First Nations of Canada; Buddhist; Christian; Hindu; Jewish; Muslim; Sikh; Zorastrian.
Canadian Maritime Command (Navy)
[Queen's Maritime color] White silk, 36 x 45 inches, with the national flag of Canada in the canton. In the center is the royal cipher on a blue background within a circlet of roses ensigned with the royal crown, while in the lower fly is the mark of the Navy, a flying eagle affronté superimposed on a fouled anchor ensigned with a royal crown, all in dark blue. Gold and silver fringe, cord and tassels. (Note: fringe is a surprise, since the Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy colours omit it. But the article by Harold Diceman cited has a picture of the official design sheet, and it shows the fringe.)^qclrs.html

123 years after the Queen's Colour of the 24th Regiment was saved from the raging torrents of the Buffalo River in South Africa during the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879, the Colours, currently located in Brecon Cathedral, are about to be saved again - this time for posterity.

On the 22nd January 1879, during the Battle of Isandhlwana, when the British Army suffered one of its heaviest ever defeats at the hands of the mighty Zulu nation, Lieutenants Melvill and Coghill were ordered to save the Queen's Colour of the 1st Battalion of the 24th Regiment from falling into the hands of the enemy. They managed to make the banks of the Buffalo River, but there they lost their lives in their heroic attempt and the Colour was washed away down river. Two weeks later it was recovered and returned to the 1st Battalion who proudly carried it in its battered form for another 55 years. Officers Melvill and Coghill were subsequently awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously for their courage and valour.

The battle scarred Colours, which were finally laid up in the Regimental Chapel in Brecon Cathedral in 1934, are now beginning to show signs of decay. Such is the unique nature of these precious Colours that the Colonel of the Regiment, Major General Christopher Elliott decided to launch an Appeal to raise funds for their conservation. Being a very expensive project, it was thought that this would take some time to achieve, until an anonymous benefactor offered to meet the costs outright. As a result of such outstanding generosity, this work can begin straight away.


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