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The Flags of ANZAC

Click to enlarge Red wool bunting flag with white cross of St George. The upper left canton has been stencilled in white paint 'AUS.I.F.'. There is extensive staining beneath this where a word in white lettering (unreadable) has been over-painted in red oil based paint. This paint has bled into the the surrounding red fabric and part of the upper arm of the white cross. This flag was carried on a lance by Lieutenant General Sir John Monash during the Victory Parade held in London on 19 July 1919.
Click to enlarge A flag carried by Lt J C Ewan DCM MC MM through Egypt and France. As a winner of the MM and the MC,  Ewan must have risen through the ranks
Click to enlarge This Australian Blue Ensign was made in England, privately and by hand and was posted to Pte Verdi Schwinghammer of the 42nd Battalion AIF. It flew in the trenches on Christmas Day 1917.
Click to enlarge The personal flag of the Commander of Australian Forces in WW2, General Tom Blamey.

flag-3rar.jpg (29805 bytes)

This flag was raised by signallers of Company Headquarters, 'C' Company, 3 RAR, on Hill 323 in the Long Hai Hills, Vietnam, during Operation Pinnaroo on 19 March, 1968. The company had been warned for a move up the hill by foot through suspected minefields to secure a landing zone for the insertion of 'A' Company. The flag was carried up the hill by the signallers and raised on top of a high rock at the top of Hill 323.  
  • A note of interest is that shortly after the raising the flag, Battalion Headquarters received a request for ground clearance from a US warship lying off shore to enable them to shoot at a 'VC flag which has just been raised'.
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RAF Ensign as used by RAAF until 1935 RAAF Ensign, 1935 to 1948 RAAF Ensign, 1948 to 1982 RAAF Ensign, 1982 . . .
The dark blue represents the Royal Australian Navy, (RAN), the red represents the Australian Army, and the light blue represents the Royal Australian Air Force. (RAAF).  

The Federation Star is on top with the RAN anchor, the crossed swords of Army and the RAAF eagle, all with a boomerang base.

The Defence Force Ensign. 


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