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All these items are all WW2 Japanese Army issue. Men of the  Australian Infantry Battalions would have seen these items on the battlefield.
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A general purpose leather carry case issued to the armed forces of Japan. Tan leather construction with white stitching. Sporting a hinged lid with a single strap and buckle for closure. The pouch has three leather loops in the back for attaching to a belt. With four brass feet in the lower portion.

A fairly good size pouch measuring 7.75" X 4.5" x 5.75".
A general purpose canvas carry bag issued to the armed forces of Japan. Canvas construction with a shoulder carrying strap stitching. The picture on the right shows how the pouch is secured with the use of strings. Map case. A large brown leather case specifically designed for carrying maps. 

The inside of the case has spaces for pens and pencils. 

Construction includes D rings, roller style buckle. 

Size; 11" x 8". 

Officers only.

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Japanese Army. Lieutenant Colonel shoulder boards.

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Field binoculars in case

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Wrist compass. Plastic construction on leather strap

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Brown rubberised gas mask with head straps and clear lenses. The item was carried in a brown canvas bag with shoulder straps. Issued to the different branches of the armed forces.


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Pay book.

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This is the standard belt issue to all Jap Army personnel during WWII. 

The standard issue Jap ankle boot given to most Army soldiers in the front.  The construction consists of brown leather, lace up with hob nails on the soles.
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Field phone

The construction of this pocket knife shows signs of being late war. The handles are constructed from unfinished wood. The blade is of folding style. The knife has a can opener on one side.

Japanese Army 

Unit battle flag.  

Nicknamed 'the meatball' by allied soldiers

Collar Insignia. from top down,  

Private 2nd Class; 

Private 1st Class; 

Superior Private; 


Wooden cabinet with aluminium reinforced edges and lid. The handset is also made from aluminium. The cord is cloth insulated. The phone has a hand-crank on the side.

The wiring diagram and instructions can be seen on the inside of the lid.
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Field Lamp

This is a raincoat issued to Army troops. The construction consisted of treated cotton, plastic buttons and two front slanted pockets. A hood could be attached to the coat. The hood was closed by the use of a strap that would button together. The coat was knee length and khaki in colour These are the pants that were issued to Army troops for tropical weather. The construction consisted of light OD cotton, straight leg style. The buttons on the fly were wooden. The pants had two pockets on the side, a belt loop and draw strings on the legs. The most commonly size found is small. Pants would normally, but not always, be stamped with the date of manufacturing. It is also possible to find the name of the owner written or sewn in a tag in the inner section of the pants. Rubberized canvas container, measuring 13" in height. The lantern is of metal construction with a wooden handle. the front swings open to gain access to the lighting mechanism. Additional parts for the lamp are found in the extra cases shown in the picture.


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