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Category: Equipment

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anti-air-italian-truck.jpg (21164 bytes)

Tobruk, Libya. 1941-09-06. A gun crew of the 3rd Light Anti-aircraft Regiment in action with an Italian Breda Model 35, 20mm cannon, mounted on a Chevrolet 2 ton truck.


Click to enlarge 1940-12-13. Tummar - captured Italian diesel lorries were very useful for carrying captured Italian food to captured Italian soldiers. Fortunately the Italians left behind a large quantity of oil for these lorries, which we proceeded to capture also. (photographed by F. Hurley).
truck-italian-2.jpg (24293 bytes) Western desert, Egypt. 1942-07-19. Captured Italian truck. Fitted with captured machine guns, it will be used against the axis force.
truck-italian-3.jpg (31862 bytes) Western desert, Egypt. 1942-10.  Captured Italian truck.
truck-italian-el-alemein.jpg (35286 bytes) El Alamein, Egypt. 1942-07-12. The deadly effect of small mortars in use by British and allied troops in Egypt is shown by the wreck of this Italian truck and its scattered contents.

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